3 Major School Administration System Problems Have One Simple Solution

Whether its sports, running a government or an academic institute, in order to improve productivity, it is important to change the entire system. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and that is what happens when school admins facing administration problems, go online.

In developing countries like Pakistan, schools and colleges don’t have the resources to spend on unnecessary administrative procedures. The nation already has a poor literacy rate so families can’t afford to see one more school shutting down. According to many education experts, one main reason for schools not being able to survive is their administration system. It’s not the teachers, it’s not the students and neither is it the academic curriculum.

Problem of solution

Small schools with smart administration structures are still surviving in today’s highly competitive market for over decades now. In the past few years, academic institutes have started to realize that they need to work on improving their management so that students, teachers and parents are satisfied at all times. It is always important to maintain a well-organized academic curriculum, but what is even more important is the school’s administration network because at the end of the day, you are running a business and you need to cut the aggregate costs to the maximum.

Following are a few areas that could’ve been improved if the school had a cloud-based school management system:


  • The biggest of all problems that any academic institute faces on a daily basis is its communication. Students are always running after faculty members for exam schedules and result cards. Parents on the other hand, are mostly pressurizing school admins since they have no idea what’s happening at school. Teachers also sometimes feel hassled therefore, not providing students with the attention they deserve. This huge communication barrier badly affects the school’s productivity.



  • Another major issue faced by school admins in Pakistan is finance management. Manual book keeping can still be seen in many academic institutes which is not just a costly approach, but also wastes a lot of time. Even if schools are using excel sheets on the computer, there comes a time, when things become hard to manage. Data starts to go missing, schools find it difficult to calculate various transactions and there also a risk of cyber fraud and theft.



  • Majority of schools still exist that are manually archiving each student on stacks of register or excel sheets. The problem with keeping registers is that admins or teachers have to go through hundreds of pages just to locate one simple piece of information. The excel sheet method may be a little advanced but again, it does not automatically maintain information throughout the academic years therefore, making the entire procedure of attendance and enrollment very costly and time consuming.


These are just a few examples. There are many other processes that schools and colleges are undertaking in a completely wrong and unnecessary way. The cloud-based school management software has automated all these procedures making administration much easier especially for schools and colleges with limited resources. All important information such as exam schedules, result cards and various news alerts can be published on the internet portal or circulated via the computerized SMS alert service.

Accounts management on the other hand, can also be simplified by automating all important ledgers via cloud based system making work fast, effective and convenient. Similar is the case with student attendance and enrollment. Schools don’t have to go through stacks of registers because all that can be done by just a few clicks. Schools in Pakistan severely need something like this in order to flourish in today’s highly competitive market.

Online ERP Solution for All Kinds of Academic Institutes

Before further explanation, it is important to know what ERP is and what it does for your institute. Referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning system, this software solution is used to store, collect and manage data to carry all business activities. The online ERP solution is mainly used to carry out all core administrative procedures such as accounts management, student attendance, exam management, student enrollment and fee management.

Whether small or large, the online school management software is used to handle all school related procedures with foolproof security and accuracy. Academic institutes do not require high-tech computers or IT professionals to run the digital system into the school network. Anyone with basic knowledge of computers can easily operate the web-based software and transform the way schools run.

Online ERP

Almost 20 years ago, the online school management software entered the market and has been assisting schools and colleges ever since. Referred to as the 21st century approach of school management, the cloud-based system has made work fast, convenient and cost-effective for everyone especially schools with limited or scarce resources. The software solution has been circulating across the world for quite some time and is on the go to simplify intricate procedures in the most effective way.

Often referred to as digital school management system, ERP solution can be seen in almost every school or college that wants to thrive in the education industry. Besides from being cost-effective, the software solution is also very user-friendly. Student attendance used to be a huge problem in many schools and colleges across the world. Today, that is not an issue anymore. Teachers can even locate and keep track of students from their smart phones now.

The admin on the other hand, can always make sure everything’s running accordingly by locating various files and records from his/her smartphone. The online ERP solution works efficiently on all servers and does not compile its users to switch to the hosted servers allowing you the ability to use the server of your own choice and avail incredible results.

Report generation always used to be a huge problem in most of the schools and colleges. Using the pen and paper approach to prepare every single report was not just a time consuming procedure, but was also among the most unreliable methods to take place. The online school management system has improved this procedure with utmost efficiency. The filter criteria help in generating the exact report without wasting any time.

According to many schools and colleges, the ERP solution has improved their accounts and examination management system by automating the entire process. Teachers can easily set percentages against obtained marks by just a few clicks and the system will automatically calculate exams, assessments, appraisal reports and so on.  As far as the accounts department is concerned, the online system has provided schools and colleges with digital book keeping facility which has eliminated the need for manually recorded various accounting transactions. This has helped schools and colleges stay away from fraud, theft and misleading records.

All kinds of academic institutes whether small or large now have the opportunity to automate all their important procedures in order to improve the overall productivity.  Schools and colleges can improve their administrative procedures in the most cost-effective way, thanks to the ERP solution.

How School Administration Software Can Help the Education World

The education industry especially in developing countries is seeing a lot of competition on a daily basis. In such a scenario, schools and colleges need to come up with efficient ways of management or else they may disappear from the face of earth. It is not the time or period to rely on traditional methods of school administration.

The cloud-based technology has taken the market by storm and made work fast, easy and convenient for even the smallest of all schools. Academic institutes cannot stick to the pen and paper approach anymore because it is not just costly, but also very risky and time consuming. The online school management software is not just helping the education industry improve its methods of administration, but is also giving new entrants a chance to enter the industry with ease.


The question arises here as to how is the software solution helping the education world? This statement has a very simple justification. All schools whether on a small or a large scale have to manage and control multiple departments on a day to day basis. Accounts, examination, attendance, enrollment and many similar areas have to be organized or else the institute might have to suffer financial or academic losses.

As mentioned above, any school has to keep track of many departments and that is where the web-based software starts its magic. By automating all important accounts ledgers, technology is doing a great favor to the education industry. Schools no more have to bear fraudulent acts or various accounting errors therefore, making the entire accounts department much more systematized.

The second biggest favor that the software has done to school admins is to provide them with free SMS sending facility. With its help, the process of preparing and printing handouts and leaflets has been eliminated. Admins can easily circulate school notices and various alerts via the computer-generated SMS service. It helps admins, teachers, students and parents to stay connected at all times.

Schools and colleges don’t have to waste time on student archiving via manual book keeping. There are instances when admins need to look for a particular student on immediate basis, in that case, it becomes difficult to locate pupils as teachers or admins have to go through multiple registers to locate one student. Whereas, for digital archiving system, all we need is a student ID code and the information comes on the computer screen in just a few seconds.

School admins with busy schedules don’t always have the time to visit every branch, but they need to be informed about all important information. In such situations, the smartphone app has been especially designed for executives. It allows school directors and principals to view all important records and files from the palm of their hands. The easy access to reports and data has reduced the overall dependency ratio and made work fast, effective and convenient for all school owners with hectic schedules and serious responsibilities.

The online school management software has revolutionized the way things work at any academic institute. Therefore, it could be confidently said that the software solution is doing a great favor to the world of education by speeding and simplifying procedures with utmost efficiency.

Top 5 Best Schools in Islamabad Pakistan

Every human being whether rich or poor, normal or disabled, has the right to get proper education as many scholars have called it the “Third Eye.” Right after the child is born, parents should and have started to plan about their future and education has and should always be among the biggest priorities. Education is the fundamental right of each human being on this earth. It polishes a young learner socially, academically and physically.

Islamabad is currently one of the most well-developed and maintained cities of Pakistan. Many schools across the city are trying their level best to provide students from all classes with the best academic exposure. Like all other cities, private schools are topping the race and providing students with the finest schooling experience. Following are the names of the top five school networks that have marked their name in the education industry based in the city of Islamabad.

Froebel’s International School

Present in the education industry for over 42 years, Froebel’s International School System is currently one of the top institutes of Islamabad providing a stimulating and comprehensive program of studies. Froebel’s International School follows the International Primary Curriculum from early years upwards and (IGCSE) O levels and (GCE) A levels through Edexcel International and Cambridge International Examinations. The school’s years of excellence in the education industry has earned it the number one spot on the list.

 Beaconhouse School System

 This school needs no introduction as it is not just going on successfully in Islamabad but in multiple cities across Pakistan. Established in 1975, Beaconhouse School System has grown into a global network of private schools, institutes and universities, imparting distinctive and meaningful education to students from pre-school to post-graduation. The school has multiple branches in Islamabad and is currently among the most popular academic institutes to be educating over 50,000 students across the city.

Roots School System

 Producing world toppers and genius scholars for the past many decades, Roots School System is proud to be among the top school networks in Islamabad. Established since April 1988, Roots has modern education standards, with universally acclaimed academic excellence and all round development of students. The institute specializes in educating students of primary, secondary and intermediate level. The School has over 100 campuses across Pakistan and is currently one of the top schools in Islamabad.

The City School

 Established in 1978, The City School is currently one of the largest private schools of Pakistan. The school has over 150 branches across the nation including Islamabad. The knowledge and skills-based curriculum derived from the UK national curriculum guides students from Nursery to Cambridge International Examinations. Graduates from the city school have been securing positions in top universities of the world. The school’s outstanding schooling criterion makes it one of the best schools in Islamabad.

Bloomfield Hall School

Running successfully for over 25 years,  Bloomfield Hall can also be called one of Islamabad city’s best school systems. Bloomfield Hall offers modern systems and technologies in education and also provides an environment which is liberal and progressive to encourage an attitude of critical enquiry amongst its pupils. The school has produced many toppers and scholarship holders in the past years making it one of the top schools in Islamabad.

Why is Automated Accounts System Important For Your School

Besides from educating the little ones, any academic institute also has to make sure that the school maintains a proper accounts management system. Whenever there is revenue and expense involved, the admin cannot trust manual book keeping or various other accounts related transactions. Even the largest of all institutes can and have experienced fraud, theft and misleading transactions.

It’s always healthy to use traditional ways when it comes to schooling pupils but it gets way more risky when the same approach is applied for various accounts related procedures. The success of any school or college depends on its accounts department. One single mistake or error may lead to a heavy loss or sometimes even bankruptcy.


Educational institutes have to entertain thousands of students and parents on a daily basis. Besides from helping them out regarding various issues, there is always an accounts related process on the go. The cloud-based technology has taken the market by storm and in even developing countries like Pakistan; schools have begun to make the best use of it.

Relying on paper was never the smartest approach and science has come up with the best replacement for that particular area. Any academic institute is not only responsible for recording accounts related data, but it also has to keep track of every single ledger from time to time. Maintaining the accuracy and authenticity of cashbooks, fee vouchers, employee accounts and expenses, has to be done in the most efficient way or the school may have to suffer the consequences.

Thanks to the developers of the online school management system for making it easier for even the small scale schools to efficiently organize their accounts department. Now, the question may arise as to how does the software work and what are its benefits? Following are the areas that can easily be covered after shifting to the web-based solution:


  • Multiple types of vouchers such as cash payment voucher, journal voucher and cash receiving vouchers are just a few clicks away from the user
  • Various other departments such as student admission and fee collections are auto linked with the accounts system so that any entry could be added or replaced without delaying
  • Assets, liabilities, equity and all types of expenses are automatically maintained throughout the academic years
  • The high-tech double entry accounts system makes all transactions error-free
  • Detailed expense reports, cashbook and bank statement can be created quickly and efficiently
  • Even the slightest of all expenses and incomes are tracked on a daily basis for future reference
  • Most of the accounts related fields ranging from profit and loss accounts to balance sheets and trial balances are automatically updated


When every single detail is being maintained in the most organized way via the cloud-based technology, then why would any academic institute still stick to the traditional methods of school management? Either they still aren’t aware about the benefits that come with it or think that the automated system might be very costly or complicated. There is a very plain and simple justification for this. Any academic institute with the lowest of all revenue ratios can still use the next-gen solution.

There is still a huge margin for change for all schools and colleges across the world. More than 100 institutes and 25 countries are already using Archivist Pakistan. Technology has not just increased the annual income ratio for schools and colleges, but has also completely transformed the way things work.

Easing the Burden of Administrative Tasks

Student enrollment management is not a problem anymore because Archivist Pakistan is providing the education industry with a smarter way to manage that area more efficiently.  After you’ve automated this procedure, the computer will keep accurate records of each transaction starting from entry test till the student is finally enrolled.

task management

The web-based software allows you to even keep records of inquiry calls in order to carry follow up procedures with particular parents if required. Besides from that, the admin does not have to hire manual labor to keep track of enrollment based paperwork.

In countries like Pakistan, many students try unfair means of admission. This may lead to fraud or misleading records and documents. In order to keep track of every single detail, the enrollment management system works as a great tool. It helps leave behind no margin of fraudulent acts.

The system automatically creates fee vouchers and provides the institute with multiple search options such as student attendance, fee recovery, student bio data, multiple session support, enrollment and withdrawal register, printable forms and reports and the list goes on.

Say thanks to technology for providing your academic institute with such a perfectly designed software solution that anyone with basic knowledge of computer can easily operate. The IT professionals of Softronix have made the lives easier for all academic institutes across Pakistan. Relying on physical evidence of paper is no more required because you now have the cloud-based enrollment management system.

Importance of School Management Software in the Education Industry

Ranging from a little child to a grown up adult, everyone has come up with many shortcuts in life. Gone are the days when people used to depend on each other for even the simplest procedures. The education industry has found the best use of technology in the form of the software for school management.

Importance of school software

The cloud-based software solution helps organize lengthy procedures such as fee management, student attendance, exam management and student enrollment. It has eliminated the use of extra manual labor and automated most of the school related paperwork. Many school owners across the world have started to appreciate the software solution because it is not just helping them, but the entire school network including, teachers, students and parents.

Following are some of the ways how school management software is playing an important role throughout the education industry:


Made Accounts Related Processes Error-Proof

Any academic institute has loads of paper related work to keep track of and technology has empowered manual labor in that area. When it comes to handling various profit or expense accounts, there is no margin for mistakes. The automated management system has made it easy for schools and colleges to manage all such procedures in the most efficient way possible. School admin does not have to bear fraudulent acts or misleading transactions anymore.


Has Improved the Overall Communication Network

Schools have to transmit lots of important information on a daily basis. Sometimes the admin has to inform multiple parents regarding various school notices or activities on an urgent basis. In situations like these, the institute does not have the time to print flyers. The automatic SMS alert service for schools is specially designed to be used in situations like these. Admins and teachers can also share exam schedules, performance alerts, timetables, fee alerts and several other things of the sort on a daily or weekly basis.


Exam Management Has Become Very Organized           

Examination system is the backbone of every school which requires you to make sure that you are able to accurately and fairly evaluate each student. It used to be a huge problem for teachers to assemble, monitor and calculate exams from time to time. They had to do all such things manually but today, that can be done with the help of web-based technology. Grading, calculating and preparing student appraisal reports and several other documents of the sort can be done by just a few clicks now.

In order to survive in the education industry, schools and colleges have to go through lots of competition these days. Such competitive market can only be tackled if an institute implies efficient ways and methods into its system. The online school management software has given even those institutes hope that had very limited resources. Everyone has the right to do business and technology is there to simplify things for executives.

As far as the education industry is concerned, it can’t flourish until or unless the methods of management and administration are made more efficient and effective. This shows that the software solution is very important to any established or new school in order to thrive in the highly competitive industry. Schools and colleges have got the software solution now and they are pretty much aware about its importance and the benefits that come with it.