Banning Smartphones in Class Can Improve Student Progress

If we look around the society, we could see that almost every person has gotten used to various advancements of science and technology. If we take the example of an academic institute, we would see an increasing trend of smartphones being used during recess, class lectures and almost all the time. The problem is that kids these days are using mobile phones for all the wrong reasons which is effecting their academic productivity therefore, banning smartphones can be seen as the only constructive solution.

Children have feeble minds and can get detracted from their studies very easily causing many inconveniences throughout the academic years. Most of the times smartphones become the main reason for students getting expelled from their respective institutes. This results in destroying the future of a child by lengthening his/her academic years and making it difficult for him/her to manage and control the system.

students- smartphones

In majority of the schools and colleges, students are not allowed to use smartphones, but still they somehow manage to carry them to their institutes resulting in an increase in the overall expulsion rate. Students are young and take time to understand the importance of education in life. For most of the pupils, school, life and everything else is just for fun. They don’t realize the long term misfortunes of delaying education or anything else of the sort.

Academic institutes across the world have started to take strict actions against mobile phone usage in classroom. According to many teachers and school admins, students don’t tend to concentrate appropriately when they have smartphones in their hands. It clouds their judgment and affects their overall productivity.

How Student Productivity Gets Affected due to Smartphones?

  • Smartphones can sometimes be a huge distraction due to constant text messages and phone calls
  • Students that could work on something productive in their free period are usually busy wasting time on their smartphones
  • Since smartphones are usually expensive, there is a greater risk of theft or bullying incidents
  • Most of the students tend to indulge in cheating which destroys the meaning of class assessments and quizzes
  • Student waste time on social networks, online shopping or mobile games resulting in 0% concentration towards the lecture
  • Instead of listening and learning, students start to rely on various internet-based search engines

Completely banning a smartphone may not be the smartest solution. What a school can do is keep the cellphones of all the students and give them back after school ends. This way, parents won’t complaint about security or emergency concerns. If any student wants to make an emergency call, he/she can go to the admin office for that. When all eyes would be at the teacher in class, the students would automatically generate positive results.

Smartphones are a huge distraction and need to be banned at least from classrooms so that students are able to focus more towards the lecture and generate positive academic results. Cellphones are spoiling even those pupils who have the potential to generate A grade results.

4 Ways to Improve School Administration

The education industry is experiencing a lot of competition lately making it important for all academic institutes to come up with smart and effective methods of administration. Today, everything is running on a faster pace whether it’s the society, community or a business. Slow procedures are not referred to as acceptable in any society making it necessary for schools and colleges to use smart and cost-effective methods of administration. Academic institutes facing the problem of scarcity are luckily on a greater benefit that is why they are all set to optimize their administration network.

improve school administration

Keeping in mind the changing trend of school administration methods and approaches, many academic institutes have started to feel the need to start fresh. Traditional methods of administration are gradually vanishing from the world of education. They require a lot of time, man power and cost. Academic institutes don’t need all that to generate positive results. All they need is a little up-gradation, and the system will help achieve 100% results.  Following are a few points supporting this statement.

  • Digital Data Archiving  

Before going into further details, the most important procedure is to shift important information from paper to the cloud-based system. The procedure of recording data may take some time, but once records are prepared and entered into the system, the online school management software makes sure nothing goes missing or unnoticed. Digital Data Archiving is the first step of system optimization.

  • Centrally Controlled Arrangement   

No matter how small or big the size, all academic institutes can be managed via a centrally controlled system without having to rely on multiple staff members or stacks of paper-based records and data. When one person can monitor the entire system from a single hub, the institute does not need to hire extra manual labor to manage and control every single department.

  • Advanced Communication Network

When it comes to circulating important information such as exam schedules, school notices, student appraisal reports and fee vouchers, schools don’t have to rely on postal services, handouts or telephone calls. The computer-generated SMS facility and online portal makes it easy for the admin, teachers, parents and students to stay connected at all times.

  • Secure Important Data

Once core departments and important information have been controlled and organized, all important data is automatically secured against fraud and errors. The online school management system makes sure every single record is maintained throughout the academic years providing schools and colleges with an easy way to manage and control their system.

No school owner wants to waste money on costly and time consuming procedures when he/she has a number of options to choose from. Cloud-based technology helps optimize the entire school administration network by limiting the need for extra manual labor and paper-based records and files. Not many schools can afford to hire an entire team of employees to handle the administration system. Optimizing the methods of administration is the only way schools and colleges can flourish in the education industry.

Schools Are incomplete Without Extra curricular Activities

Education is important for everyone but sometimes schooling can get a little boring for the little ones. The main purpose of any school is not just to provide proper schooling to students but is also to improve the overall productivity by spicing things up. School admins and teachers have started working on various academic and extra curricular school activities so that students could enjoy education more.

Going through the same routine on a daily basis can be very hectic and boring for academic institutes trying to maintain or improve the school’s productivity. Before jumping into conclusions, it is important to manage time and that can only be possible if schools and colleges are using the online school management system.

Activities in school

The digital system provides admins with an easy way to control and manage all core departments present in an academic institute. Once the entire administration process has been automated, schools and colleges can easily put all their energies working on various other school activities. There was a time when teachers used to sit for extra hours counting, assembling and checking various exams and appraisal reports. Today, all that has been taken care of by the software solution providing the teaching staff with plenty of time to work on various school activities.

Students are young learners with feeble minds and they deserve to be provided with sufficient time to relax and take their time off studies. In situations like these, academic institutes arrange for various sports events, talent shows, debating competitions, spelling bees and so on. Such types of healthy activities are good for students of all ages.

If a school follows the same educational pattern throughout the academic years, the work environment will get boring and most of the students will fail to be productive. Academic institutes with limited resources need to first upgrade their methods of administration and then introduce various school activities. If half of their teaching staff is busy counting exams and keeping track of student attendance structures, it will become difficult for the entire institute to be productive.

What Are The Benefits Of School Activities?

  • Allowing students with spare time to play board or electronic games helps improve their motor skills.
  • Some types of games and activities also help teachers develop patience and maturity and also improve focus and memory.
  • When students are being provided with something different than education, they develop great confidence and self-esteem.
  • Various extra-curricular activities also provide young learners with a chance to be creative therefore, refining their brain cells.

Any educational institute can get very boring if the admin and teaching staff follow the same pattern for a long time. Arranging for various school activities from time to time has become a popular routine for many small and large scale schools across the world. Sometimes even parents are invited to the school to take part in various in-school activities. Events like these help keep the atmosphere healthy. Admin, teachers, parents and students can all enjoy gatherings like these which will not just save everybody from getting bored, but will also help keep the school popular.

How to Improve Student Teacher Relationship?

Students and teachers are among the most valuable assets of any academic institute. The entire reputation of any school depends on its learning and teaching bodies therefore, it is essential for the admin to help develop a healthy student-teacher relationship. No matter how much capital an institute is investing, if the pupils and teaching staff are not well-connected, there is a greater chance for any school to suffer long term consequences.

In the past few years, many school software solutions have entered the education industry. Procedures have changed, departments have been revamped and the entire administration network has revolutionized. Schools are so busy in ensuring a tech savvy look that they fail to recognize the delicacy and importance of human beings present at the school premises. Improving class room conditions and providing students with tablet computers and ebooks is taking pupils far away from better productivity.

Many schools and colleges do not have high-tech amenities and still majority of their students turn out to be class toppers. The reason for that is because all they are concerned about is student productivity. As far as students are generating positive results, no academic institute has to rely on gadgets and machines. Students have feeble minds and require a great deal of time and attention. If teachers fail to provide them with that, no computer, projector screen or scientific invention will help improve the overall productivity.

These days, institutes have a variety of options to try and help improve their academic conditions providing schools with limited resources with an easy way to flourish in the industry. As mentioned above, pupils and the teaching staff are interrelated with each other throughout the academic years. If one party fails to perform well, the other party automatically suffers the consequences. Therefore, before making any further adjustments, all a school needs to do is focus on maintaining a healthy student-teacher relationship.

Teachers will only put their 100% efforts if they are free from all sorts of extra work and that can be possible if the school is running via a well-organized school management system. Still in some school teachers have to sit for hours after school making them less interested in their job and resulting in poor student productivity. Students especially at a younger age require more attention and time because they are learning most of the things for the first time.

Primary level is the most important stage of schooling for any young pupil. Students can’t be left at their own for even a single minute. The level of primary schooling reflects on a student throughout his/her life therefore, it is important to make it as strong for a child as possible. It works as a foundation for any kid and if the foundation is weak, the student may not be as firm as others.

Whether it requires online school management software or a team of trained educationists, a strong student-teacher relationship needs to be maintained at any cost or else the school won’t be able to produce a well-polished student body.

How to Manage School as a Principal

Running schools can be very tricky sometimes and the principal is always the one held responsible if anything goes wrong. Science has entered the education industry providing school admins with the digital way to organize their administration network. No matter what size, any school has to manage and control a number of departments such as finance, education and accounts on a daily basis. Academic institutes across the world have the same type of administrative issues but a million ways to manage and control them. The online school management software is among the most widely used educational software solution throughout the world of education.


Before making any major changes, all a principal has to do is get rid of most of the paper and manual labor. Digitizing important paperwork is among the key jobs to be done effective immediately. After the admin has finally closed all registers and deleted offline excel sheets, now comes the time to start recording school based information via the online school management system.

Following are a few guidelines for any school principal:

  • Recording Information      

Student Archiving is among the most important tasks in any academic institute. School admins have to make sure all student related information is recorded on the system so that all kinds of academic information can be easily accessed from time to time. Recording all kinds of academic and personal student-based information should always be the first step before jumping into anything else.

  • Digital Accounting

Schools and colleges that are still running their accounts department via traditional methods of administration should immediately shift to the digital accounts system. This change will not just boost the speed of the entire accounts department, but will also save the institute from instances such as theft, fraud and misleading transactions.   

  • Communication Network

School principals do not have to rely on traditional methods of communication such as telephone calls, notice boards or various postal services. Online school management software comes with a specially designed internet portal and a free SMS sending facility. School principals can easily send text message alerts to hundreds of parents and students in just a few seconds. No more printing of handouts is needed in order to circulate important information.

  • School Management from Mobile

Keeping in mind busy schedules of most of the school principals running multiple branches, the smartphone app has been made available. What it does is allow school principal to easily keep track of all kinds of accounting transactions and student records from the palm of his/her hands. Admins can also generate all kinds of summaries and reports on a daily basis providing them with an easy way to manage and control their system.
These are just a few steps. The online school management software comes with an array of multiple facilities benefiting not just the admin, but the entire school network including, students, parents and teachers. Parents don’t have to ask from admins and teachers about every little academic detail. Students on the other hand, can also view their concerned reports and records via the internet portal. The digital school management system not just organizes the entire administration network, but also improves the overall speed of each process ensuring fast and accurate results.

How Does Management Work In Pakistani Schools

Maintaining a proper management structure of various school-based departments is important for any principal trying to thrive in the highly competitive education industry. Pakistani schools and colleges with limited resources are currently the ones suffering the most. Principals of such schools are still not aware about the benefits of Archivist Pakistan the online school management software. Known for circulating across the education world for quite some time, the software solution is the only reliable method to benefit from.

It’s a sad thing to see many schools still using the traditional methods of administration in order to manage and control their academic institute. Now is not the time or century to rely on paper-based administrative transactions. It’s the 21st century and parents, students and even teachers have started believing in fast and accurate results. When the same procedure can be completed with lesser cost and in a shorter span of time, then why would schools and colleges depend on older methods of administration?

schools in pakistan

Small scale schools across the nation are responsible themselves for providing large scale schools with the ease to expand even more. Any educated school owner brings the online school management software into the system before going any further because he/she is aware about the long term benefits. A person with little or no knowledge of the digital system may start running a school but will find it difficult to manage the institute in the long run.

The reason for that is pretty simple. Schools that are still relying on the pen and paper approach mostly come across problems such as:

  • Misplacement of important student records
  • Fraud and theft regarding accounts based transactions
  • Poor communication network due to no internet or SMS service
  • Admins relying on pen and paper approach makes work slow
  • Calculation of exams becomes very difficult via the manual counting system
  • Principals have to print bundles of handouts on a daily or weekly basis
  • Locating the record of one student out of a body of 200 students is very difficult
  • Parents are mostly unaware of what’s happening at school
  • Since parents are not aware of  most of the things, students can sometimes lie to them regarding their academic performance
  • Teachers are not able to focus on students therefore, effecting the overall student productivity

Many Pakistani schools are struggling to understand what’s best for their system. Schools and colleges with limited resources are still relying on traditional methods of administration providing academic institutes with an easy way to manage and control their system. Online school management software is providing academic institutes with an easy way to manage and control their academic structure making school management fast, easy and convenient for all school principals present across the education industry. Keeping in mind the increasing illiteracy rates, it has become necessary for school admins to maintain an appropriate school management system in order to generate fast and accurate results and improve the overall student productivity.

Pakistani schools across the nation are currently struggling with administrative issues and they need to start using smart and efficient methods of administration or else they won’t be able to survive for a long while.

Interactive School Games for Kids – Boys and Girls

In the past few years, education experts have finally realized that providing kids with various types of school games and activities can help change the face of all academic institutes trying to compete with large scale academic institutes. Happy students mean greater productivity and that can only be achieved if students are provided with a lot more than just education. Schools have started to engage their students in various innovative school games for kids, so that they could enjoy coming to school.

Popular board games such as scrabble, ludo, checkers, monopoly, risk and chess can be seen in many schools across the world. These types of activities help students open up with teachers and other class mates helping them achieve greater confidence and social development. All academic institutes try to make sure students are provided with a friendly and convenient environment. Schools with limited resources don’t have enough money to arrange for various extra-curricular activities with consistency.

school games

What Are The Benefits Of Board Games?    

Games don’t need to be explicitly academic to be educational. Just by virtue of playing them, board games can teach important social skills, such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying interaction with others. Board games can foster the ability to focus, and lengthen your child’s attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting, enjoyable game. Board games can help your child weave her wild and erratic side into a more organized, mature, and socially acceptable personality.

All games have certain rules and regulations teaching students how to act within the boundaries and limitations. In a nutshell, board games teach students discipline and self-constraint. Most of the board games such as chess and scramble, are not just a source of entertainment, but also teach many lessons to the young ones.

What Other Activities and Games Can Be Seen At Schools?

Painting is another most popular source of entertainment in many schools across the world. Many schools have come up with different ways of painting such as glass painting, finger painting, cotton tip painting, sponge painting, stick painting and so on. Some of the other activities mainly seen at schools include, treasure hunt, musical jars, indoor cubby house, egg carton treasure box, musical chair, creating rainy day box, pretend cooking, hide and seek and balloon bop.

Why Do Schools try Different Ideas of Games and Activities for Kids?

As mentioned above, maintaining a repetitive work schedule can be very boring for both the students and teachers. Due to this, it becomes important for all academic institutes to come up with newer ideas for games and various extra-curricular activities. This, in the long run helps maintain a healthy work environment improving the overall student-teacher productivity.

It has become important for all academic institutes to maintain a healthy work atmosphere and that can only be possible if both students and teachers are happy. Students especially the younger ones, need to be valued and respected at all times or else they won’t be able to be productive.