Choosing the Right School for Your Child

The education industry has been experiencing a lot of competition lately. Parents have to go through the ongoing private and public school war before choosing for a suitable school for their children. Countries such as Pakistan where the society is encumbered with double standards and status consciousness, it is very difficult to choose a suitable institute for your children. Besides from looking at your pockets, you are also required to check for the status and academic standing of your school or college.

choosing a school

Any child’s future depends on the level of education he/she is being provided with. An academic institute works as a learning ground for the little learners therefore, parents cannot take any chances. Before opting for an academic institute, parents have to decide whether they want their child to go to a public or a private school or to be exact, whether they can afford to enroll their child to a private school or not.

According to a recent survey, majority of the parents prefer sending their children to private schools because of the following advantages:

  • Private schools have more resources than a public school resulting in better amenities such as computer labs, science labs and healthy extra-curricular activities.
  • Private schools provide children with all the basic necessitates such as well-organized classrooms, good quality furniture and proper sanitation.
  • Private schools tend to have higher capital and resources therefore; they can afford to hire well-educated and highly skilled teaching staff.
  • Majority of the private schools have well-built playgrounds, basketball courts, swimming pools and lots of other sports related equipment.
  • Private schools are usually expensive than government schools therefore, most of the children studying there, belong to good families.
  • Private schools usually have lower student strength in each classroom resulting in better student productivity
  • Private schools have a reputation for maintaining high standards therefore, students are ensured to have a safe environment


These are few major points due to which parents are more inclined towards private schools. This may be unfair to poor families that can’t afford the high fee structures, but that is how things work in countries such as Pakistan. In order to get rid of double standards, it is very important for the government to improve the standards of government schools across the nation. Primary and secondary schools need greater deal of attention because they work as a foundation for the little ones.

As the country is challenged by poverty therefore, majority of the population is currently studying at government schools. Sadly, most of them have poor building conditions with cracked roof ceilings, broken chairs, unpainted walls, no sanitation system, no place for extra-curricular activities and the list goes on. Our government needs to take strict actions against all such inconveniences. We have the money, we have the resources, what we don’t have, is the heart to spend the required amount of money from our pockets.

Mobile Phones Banned In Government Schools across Punjab


The use of mobile phones during school hours has been banned for teachers in government schools across Punjab and Jhelum. School principals or admins will be reprimanded by the Punjab Education Department if they fail to stop their teaching staff from using mobile phones during school hours. Notices have been sent to principals of more than 36 schools in Jhelum and Punjab. Strict actions will be taken if they don’t abide by the new instructions.

Punjab Education Department Handing Over Government Schools to NGOs

punjab education department

Punjab education department has decided to handover government middle schools to NGOs. The ownership of most of the primary schools will be taken over by the Punjab Education Foundation. This decision has initiated a squabble between the government and the teacher’s union.

The secretary General of teacher’s union, Kashif Shehzad and Asad Chaudary are reported to have said that, “decisions like these are taking government schools towards commercialization and children of lower class families may not be able to get admissions now.” The teachers union is not happy with this decision and has decided to sit-in-protest in front of Punjab assembly on Friday, 28th August, 2015.

5 Ways to Help you Choose School Administration System

Technology is empowering every aspect of our life resulting in increased demand for cloud-based administration network. Online school management systems have finally taken the market by storm making it difficult for admins to decide what’s best for their institute. Selecting an educational ERP software is not an easy task making it important for a decision making authority to choose wisely. Even though the main purpose of schools and colleges is to educate pupils but still the requirements of academic institutes vary from one another. It is very important for an admin to make the best use of his/her available resources therefore the following points have been designed to make work easy for everyone.

Jot Down Your Objectives and Requirements

Before bringing an online school management software into the system, it is important to know your objectives. Maintain a complete check on all the procedures that are currently being used and see if any of these require automation. If it’s becoming difficult for the admin to run a particular department or a procedure efficiently, then the school might be needing a cloud-based software. Once all objectives are clear, the rest of the procedures will automatically become easy and smooth.

Create a Detailed Feature List

After you’ve finally jot down your objectives, you can create a detailed feature list and compare all the software solutions against your requirements. This way, you can easily know which online ERP system suits you best.

Shortlist Software Solutions     

There are many similar ERP systems available in the market and now it’s time for you to decide what’s best for business. In order to have a clearer picture, it’s always good to visit schools that are already using some of your shortlisted software solutions. If that is not a feasible practice for you then you always have the option to try live demo.

Compare the Prices    

Sometimes even an expensive software solution is not capable of solving all your administrative problems. So never develop a thinking that only a high priced school management system can help you in providing you with the right amount of solutions. Even if a moderately priced software is fulfilling all your requirements with ease, just go with it.

Train Your Own Staff

Hiring extra employees for running the online school management system is not a smart approach. Schools and colleges with limited resources can never afford to do that. The best way is to train the already available school staff because a good software can be used by anyone with basic knowledge of computers. No IT or accounting background is required.

Complete automation of multiple procedures is very important in today’s rapidly progressing society. Schools admins do not have the time and resources to depend on slow and time consuming methods of administration. It’s the 21st century and everybody has the right to go with smart and effective methods. Cloud-based technology has provided academic institutes with an easy way to run the system by eliminating the need for pen and paper.

How Important Is Education for Females in Pakistan

Education is the right of every living human being and taking that away from them is a sin. Moral ethics and religion strongly says that education should be provided to every living being no matter what gender. Sadly, in countries such as Pakistan, a larger portion of families are still against educating their female children. The reason most of them give is that women are made to get married and clean houses, not work. Most of them don’t realize that well-educated women of today are CEOs, software engineers, powerful politicians and marketing heads of some of the top notch companies across the world. With experience and education comes greater opportunities, but some people have failed to understand that.

female education in pakistan

Education plays a vital role in shaping up the life of any human being. When our religion strongly emphasizes on equality, who are we to stop our children from studying? Women have been to the moon, become successful boxers, footballers, tennis players, wrestlers and what not. This shows that females have the capacity and the capability to do anything a male can do. Underestimating them is completely wrong and unethical.

A country such as Pakistan that is already on a constant threat needs to understand the importance of education before it’s too late. Another commonly practiced routine in Pakistan is that families spend thousands of rupees on educating their female children and when they finally top in their respective subjects and start to feel confident, their parents marry them to some well-settled person who makes them sit at home for the rest of their lives. It is okay to some extent to educate your children and not letting them be a part of the corporate world, but this should not be made a definite obligation.

Education opens many doors for a person both knowingly and unknowingly. It shapes up a human being mentally and physically. The way you sit, speak and approach others, reflects your educational background. Why should only men get all the conveniences of life when women are also created by the same God? No matter what country, religion or language, women have every right to go to school and get proper education.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is violating its most important duties and that is spreading knowledge that comes with schooling. Our potential pupils would never leave their country for education and better job opportunities if they felt loved and wanted in their very own nation. These double standards are not just affecting the lives of people, but are also portraying a bad face of the county. Education is equally important for women as it is for men. The world is progressing fast, so should we.

Maintaining a biased approach is not going to take us anywhere, but further down the drain. No religion forbids women from going to schools and colleges and our people need to realize that before they end up living an unhappy life.

Is Your School Suffering From Fee Payments Errors?

Running an academic institute is not easy no matter how well-established a school is. The admin has to keep track of every single department on a daily basis in order to locate any irregularities. The most important to thing to any school or college is its fee structure because it is the only source of income. A school depends on its fee collections therefore, it is extremely important to go with efficient methods of administration.

Institutes suffer from a variety of fee related problems such as fraud, accuracy, speed and billing errors. Most of these issues end up costing a school a fortune. A fee management tool is much needed in order to provide admins and parents with the best experience. In order to stay away from all sorts of inconveniences, a few good software developing companies have kept the fee management module separate from the accounts module. This helps avoid any finance related misconceptions in the future.


The most common problem faced by many schools and colleges is fee billing errors. Now, there are several different reasons for this to happen. In some small scale schools, all fee related transactions are recorded on registers. A team of (usually unskilled) employees is responsible for going through piles of registers in order to locate multiple student records and so on. The moment one of the employees is tired, they’ll start making mistakes and costing a school or a parent a lot of money.

Some schools have started using offline spreadsheets on computers for maintaining all fee related records. This process is just like keeping registers but the only difference is that the user has to go through digital pages this time. Once the information starts to increase, it becomes difficult to handle. Offline spreadsheets are not interconnected with other modules such as student enrollment, attendance and other accounts.

A number of online school management software such as Archivist Online has limited most of the fee related problems. Such type of a software solution allows the user to have deep insight into the school’s revenue base. It helps define multiple fee heads and groups and allows the admin to manage multiple fee structures with ease. With just a few clicks of mouse, schools can issue fee receipts to students and generate fee vouchers as well. Any academic institute can devise custom fee collection rules according to the changing requirements.

Besides that, multiple fee discount rules and policies including value wise discounts, balance adjustments, fine policies, fee right off and concessions can be maintained allowing any academic institute to manage the fee collection process with ease. After all sorts of conditions have been applied, the school admin can have access to multiple fee related reports right after a certain transaction has been made. When the entire fee collection process is carried in a systematic way, schools and colleges can easily stay away from all sorts of billing errors and enjoy a prosperous future ahead.

4 Interesting Tips to Teach Effectively In Class

How can a person be called a good teacher? If we analyze this matter in detail, we would find out many different reasons. All teachers must understand that students are always counting on us therefore, it is very important for every single teacher to act responsibly. Once students start to get the hang of your style, anyone can be able to maintain a productive class. Education is important for students and there are many ways to pass it on to the young learners. Following are a few tips that may help make a difference.

effective teaching satratagies

Listen to What Each Student Has to Say

Students specially the younger ones, need to feel valued at all times. They tend to maintain a disliking for anyone very easily therefore, it is important for teachers to make them feel heard at all times. Sticking only to the academic curriculum and not listening to what every student has to say will never make them want to learn. Teaching is a two-way communication; you give response in order to get response. Once teachers manage to develop a healthy bond with every single student, schooling experience becomes easier for both of them.


Try To Be Different       

No one likes to follow the same pattern on a daily basis. A robotic routine can even bore a teacher sometimes therefore; it is always good to spice things up every now and then. Besides from sticking to course books, teachers can design interactive games and activities for students that may look like games, but are actually covering most of the course-based topics including, science, history and geography. Similarly, there are many other ways to make schooling much more interesting for students.


Maintain a Likable Vocal Tone

According to a research, children listen better to those people who have a firm but likable voice. Being rude or authoritative is not the 21st century approach of teaching students. An unfriendly teacher immediately becomes a bad person in the eyes of children which leads to bad results and lower productivity. If teachers want students to listen to them, they need to make sure whatever they say is for the betterment of the pupils. One impolite gesture or word may end up running the entire atmosphere of the class.


Behavior Management Strategies  

There will come days when students may not be in the mood to listen to anything that the teacher is trying to say. This may lead to a lot of noise and disturbance in class. The most useful way of getting rid of any such inconvenience is to stop speaking at all and start your lecture only when the class settles down itself. When you discontinue your lecture due to a few ongoing activities, children automatically start to whisper to each other to keep quiet and let you continue the lecture.
These are a few basic points that have been helping many teachers across the world to maintain a healthy classroom atmosphere. These may look very basic, but once teachers start to implement them, they can automatically feel the difference.

Deal With Stressful Work environment – Teacher Talk

Do you own a school and are not being able to maintain a healthy work environment for your teaching staff? Are your teachers not focusing on students with 100% attention? Is it becoming difficult to increase student productivity? If you are facing any of these problems and are looking for an answer, you need to start from scratch. A building can only become firm and unbreakable when its foundations are strong and the administration network works as the foundation for any academic institute.

The performance of teachers and students is interconnected and it can only be improved when both are satisfied with their environment. If a teacher is happy with his/her work, he/she will automatically create a better level of understanding with the pupils. But, if they are being forced to complete all those procedures that they are not supposed to do, they will definitely take out their anger on students. School admins need to be very careful in order to stay away from situations like these.


In some schools, principals are still making teachers do unnecessary work such as going through heavy stacks of student files, contacting parents, manually creating every single report and calculating exams, keeping track of student attendance and so on. Teachers can never be productive when they are bogged down with so much work. This is where the online school management software comes into play. It simplifies most of the administrative procedures by automating all core departments such as finance, examination, admission, student affairs and so on.

When most of the data is converted into digital copies, everything and anything can be accessed via cloud-based technology. School admins can monitor and keep track of multiple departments and data from a centrally controlled hub without having to go through an entire hierarchy of multiple staff members. One major concern to any teacher is to sit for extra hours after school. This routine may not be acceptable to some teachers due to which there is a greater chance of them ruining any student’s future.

They may not respond to students properly and may also not evaluate them appropriately. This may affect a school’s goodwill in the long run. If students are not productive, parents may blame the administration and start shifting towards other academic institutes. This shows how important teachers are to any school therefore, it is essential for school admins to provide them with a stress-free work environment.

Cloud-based technology helps maintain a healthy teacher-student relationship resulting in better ideas, better classroom environment and better school management. Schools need to understand the importance of teachers because the future of every single child depends on them. If your teachers are suffering from a stressful work environment, you need to resolve that issue effective immediately and things will automatically start to shape up.

Managing School Discipline through Online Admin Software

The meaning of school is not just to educate students, but to make them learn discipline through rules, rewards and punishments. In order to make students learn faster, school admins need to allocate all their resources efficiently. Teachers are among the most important assets to any academic institute therefore, they need to be provided with a stress free work environment at all times. The routine of making teachers do unnecessary work after school is no more applicable especially at well-established schools and colleges.

school desiplan

According to them, a student’s productivity depends on the teaching methods of teachers and the staff can only perform effectively when they are satisfied with their job. This is where the need for an online student management software becomes necessary. Discipline starts with the teachers and is transformed to the pupils throughout the academic years. Before going into further complexities, foremost important thing to be done is to improve the school administration system. It is a widely known fact that a school has to look after multiple core departments including, finance, education and students affairs.

Once all time consuming procedures have been digitized, the entire school network can run in a more systematic way. Admins have to entertain large number of students on a daily basis therefore; it is always beneficial to digitize the process of attendance. Besides from relying on registers, the teaching staff can mark attendance via smartphones that are connected to the cloud and can be accessed by the admin from a centrally controlled hub. This way the school can easily know about the absenteeism ratio of every single student and strict actions could be taken immediately. This teaches students the discipline of being punctual.

The internet portal and computer generated text messages can also help organize the communication system. Students and parents that used to personally call teachers and ask them for information such as result cards, exam schedules and fee vouchers can have access to all such data without having to depend on anyone. Text messages can work as a reminder for parents and students and the internet portal can help them convert all the required soft copies into hard copies without having the need to go to the admin or teachers. This teaches students the discipline to be self-sufficient and independent.

If we look at the accounts department of any academic institute, we would see that the online school management system digitizes all financial records. It gathers all scattered information and records it at one place making it easy for anyone with basic knowledge of computers to manage incomes and expenses. This little up gradation teaches an employee the discipline to be well-organized.

Through automation, very few people can be able to complete larger chunks of tasks ranging from managing student bios and preparing reports, to keeping track of student attendance and fee status. An entire team of employees is not required to complete every minor procedure. By providing just one or two employees with the power to manage more than one school departments, teaches them the discipline of multi-tasking.

Run and Manage Your school Effectively

There are a million ways to run an academic institute. All we need to do is find out the most suitable and effective way for our system. Managing an entire school of over 500 students is not an easy task. A number of core departments have to be maintained and most importantly the admin needs to make sure all of them are being run in the best possible way. Once the administration structure of any school has been organized in a systematic way, things automatically start to make sense. The online school management system eliminates time consuming procedures by automating all core departments including, accounts, fee collection, education and student affairs.

effective school management

One major problem faced by many schools using traditional methods is student archiving. In spite of having multiple computers at the school premises, some admins still have to face many confusing scenarios whenever data gets flooded. When the information system is weak and the amount of information starts to get out of hands, it becomes difficult for a school to keep track of every little detail such as student bio, academic records, fines, discounts etc. In situations like these, there is a greater chance of data loss. Digitizing the entire archiving system will limit the chances of such inconveniences. All important information can be just a click away from the admin.

Another major concern to any academic institute is its communication network. Sometimes it gets difficult to circulate important information across a school in a shorter span of time. An admin cannot rely on distributing handouts to hundreds of children on immediate basis. It is also important for any school to keep parents on the loop at all times. Students may not inform their parents about certain types of information such as poor marks, bad behavior fine, dirty uniform fine and so on. In order to eradicate that problem all a school needs to do is send computer generated text messages to hundreds of parents and students at once. This way, both time and cost can be saved.

The education department of any school is always on a constant threat especially when final exams are closer. Sometimes exams get stolen or some students are not marked fairly due to hundreds of exams piled up on the desk of just one teacher. In order to ease the burden a little, the online school administration system can be used for automatic calculation and report preparation. This way some of the burden could be shoved off from the shoulders of the teachers resulting in fair student marking.

Technology has progressed a lot in the past years and schools and colleges need to understand that. Most of the traditional methods have almost vanished from the education industry. Schools have started to believe in efficient ways and faster results therefore, the only reliable solution to running schools effectively, is through automation of records. It limits the chances of fraud and errors and eliminates the need for extra manual labor.