Make Technology an Asset for Your School, Not a Problem

If we look around, we would find out that we cannot function these days without technology.  When it comes to running a school or a college, we would witness that some admins are still reluctant towards technology without knowing the fact that it is an asset, not a liability. Keeping in mind the increasing cases of fraud, theft and cyber-crime, why would anyone still prefer sticking to the traditional methods of administration? Online school management system is a cost-effective solution to all hectic and time consuming procedures allowing school admins to keep track of financial and academic data throughout the academic years.

If we start taking technology as an asset, we would automatically come across an array of conveniences such as easy data management and financial control. Before going into further details, it is important to know why some schools and colleges still prefer to go with various traditional methods of administration. Following are a few methods that are being used widely in many small scale academic institutes.

  • Teachers and school admins going through piles of registers for student data archiving
  • School admins printing stacks of handouts that are either pasted on notice boards or circulated via manual distribution
  • Teachers handing over fee vouchers to students so they could give them to their parents
  • Admins making multiple phone calls whenever they need access to certain types of financial or academic records
  • Offline spreadsheets being used for recording all sorts of student data such as attendance records, enrollment, examination and fee status
  • Maintaining employee accounts and other income and expense related accounts via registers or offline spreadsheets
  • Using the pen and paper approach for marking student attendance
  • Manual calculation of exams and preparation of student reports

Technology is an asset to any academic institute and school admins need to realize that in order to apply faster and more reliable methods of administration. Whether the school has to accommodate 100 students or 500 students, it is always good to use a systematic method of administration. Anyone responsible for managing a school will always love to reduce the aggregate costs and increase or stabilize the overall revenue. Cloud-based technology has improved the methods of administration by providing school admins with an easy way to manage and control the system. Today, anyone with basic knowledge of computer can keep track of all important information such as accounts, enrollment, fee collection, attendance and examination via the online school management system.

Admins do not have to make multiple phone calls in order to have access to a few files and teachers don’t have to report every single thing to the admin. All on-going activities can be monitored and controlled via the centrally controlled cloud-based system. Advancements such as automation has opened the doors to endless possibilities and all school and college owners need to start taking technology as an asset, not a problem.

Top and Famous Boarding Schools in Pakistan

Top Boarding Schools


Chand Bagh School (Muridke)

Opened in September 1998, Chand Bagh School is currently accommodating over 800 students. Situated on a land of about 190 acres, Chand Bagh offers O & A Levels along with F.Sc. to its students. The school is known for providing top notch academic and extracurricular facilities to its students.


Aitchison College (Lahore)

The foundation of Aithison College was laid in 1886 College and today it is ranked among the most prestigious schools of Pakistan. More than 2500 students are currently enrolled in this institute and are enjoying both academic and extracurricular activities on a land of almost 200 acres.


Sadiq Public School (Bahawalpur)

Sadiq Public School is among the few boarding schools where a well-built hospital, supermarkets, staff bungalows, amphitheater, IT centre, Laboratories, AV labs and swimming pools are situated within the 450 acres of land. Sadiq Public School is not just a school, it’s an entire world of amazing possibilities.


Army Burn Hall College (Abottabad)

Running actively since 1947, Army Burn Hall College is currently among the biggest boarding schools being operated in Abbottabad. The school has been educating thousands of students from class prep to A level for the past many decades and is still on the go with the same level of perfection.


Cadet College (Kohat)

Known for producing future army officers, ministers and engineers, Cadet College Kohat is proud to be operating successfully for the past many decades. The school is known for providing top notch boarding facilities resulting in shaping up the character of every single student enrolled at the school.


Cadet College (Hasan Abdal)

Founded by the Englishman, Mr. Hugh Catchpole, Cadet College Hasan Abdal has been educating students since 1960. In the past years, the college has earned a unique and unparalleled place of excellence all across Pakistan.


Lawrence College, (Murree)

Situated on the top of Ghora Gali Hills, Lawrence College has been a part of the education world since 1859. The school is known for providing pupils with outstanding educational facilities. The school offers subjects such as, pre-engineering, pre- medical, computer science, general science and GCE O levels.


PAF Public School (Sarghoda)

PAF Public School has been a pride of the Sargodhians since 1952. Known for providing students with quality education, PAF Public School is currently ranked among the top boarding schools of Pakistan.


Military College (Jhelum)

The Prince of Wales inaugurated the Military College Jhelum in 1956. The school’s mission is to educate and groom the cadets physically, mentally and morally. Military College currently accommodates more than 600 students becoming one of the top boarding schools of Pakistan.

Poor Data Management Due To Little or No Cloud-Computing Facility

Data is important to any academic institute because the future of many children depends on it. Whether it’s a business enterprise or an academic institute, without cloud-computing there is no management and without proper management, there is no business. Academic institutes comprise of multiple departments including, accounts, education, enrollment and attendance. A lot of information circulates throughout these departments on a daily basis. Automation helps organize most of the paperwork and limits the risk of errors and mistakes.

cloud base schhol system

Does your institute have a poor administration network? Are your procedures taking multiple days to complete? If you are facing any of these problems, you are doing it all wrong. Before focusing on providing students with other educational amenities, it is very important to keep track of all their recorded information such as academic records and financial statements. If any of that goes missing, it may become difficult for an academic institute to run the system. Students are very important to any school admin therefore, it is important to keep tabs on every single information.

Before automating the system, it is important to know the objectives of any academic institute.  Even if a school or college heavily relied on paper and manual labor, the biggest problem would have been with managing the accounts department. Most of the times, the accounts department has to deal with heavy payments and receiving such as fees, expenses, profits, losses and employee salaries. Majority of these transactions are usually analyzed via trial balance, cash book, profit and loss accounts and maintaining such records via registers is never a good idea.

With paper, there is always a chance of experiencing theft, fraud and accounting errors. Similar is the case with various other departments such as examination, enrollment, attendance and student affairs. It’s always risky when there’s no computer involved therefore, schools and college need to make sure to keep track of all such procedures via a well-organized data management system. Cloud-based technology has simplified most of the hectic and time consuming procedures making work easier and convenient for everyone associated with an academic institute.

Whether it’s a student coordinator or an accountant, online school administration system is among the most convenient helping tools for them. If you own a school and are still living in the past, you need to transform your methods of administration and make all your procedures cost-effective. Hiring six people to complete one job when just one person can complete it with ease is among the healthiest approach. School admins need to make sure; their academic institutes are using their available resources efficiently and cloud-computing is the best way to achieve that.

Data management should be the real concern because most of the in-school departments depend on different kinds of reports and important records. Before going into further complications, it is good to start with the online school management system.

Top Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Colleges

If we start brainstorming, we would see that there are many fundraising ideas, but the most effective way of them all is to use the available resources efficiently. Before deciding what to do with the resources, it is important to have complete knowledge of all the available benefactors. Some of the most important assets to any school or college are its teachers and students therefore, it is very important to provide them with all the required conveniences from time to time. Once both of them are happy and satisfied, they will not just make the school proud with increasing productivity, but will also bring a greater number of enrollments in the long run.  More enrollments, means more funds for the institute.

School Fundraising ideas

There are many ways and methods to complete one procedure. Academic institutes just have to pick the most cost-effective ones. Online school management system is powered by cloud-based technology as both of them go hand in hand. Next-gen procedures like these may help schools and colleges to use the available resources efficiently. Cloud-based technology is making work much more easy and convenient for many academic institutes.

Schools and colleges that used to hire an entire team of extra staff members can save all that money via cloud-based technology. Whether it’s accounts, examination or student attendance, all such procedures can be completed without relying on stacks of registers and paper. Hiring a team of multiple staff members to perform a procedure that only one person can complete, is never a smart approach. Once the school has automated its administration network, it can apply other ways and methods of fundraising such as collecting money from student whenever they need to arrange a field trip or anything else of the sort.

When it comes to arranging classroom parties, teachers can ask each student to bring a different snack to eat or drink. This will not just save the cost of buying eatables, but will also make students learn the meaning of sharing. Apart from all these little methods, the most important way of fundraising is by automating the methods of administration. Academic institutes with limited resources can benefit the most from this change because they don’t have to spend all their revenue on hiring staff members and handling issues such as file misplacement or data errors.

If any of the school’s students have a talent of playing an instrument, singing or dancing, you can arrange a little talent show and put a ticket on it. Youngsters usually like attending such events allowing the school to make a lot of money in just one day. Other popular examples of fundraising in schools and colleges are carnivals, bonfires, concerts and children’s art exhibition. School admins just need to start thinking smart and they’ll have a million innovative ideas to raise funds.

5 Interesting Ways School Tool Can Help Academic Institutes Expand

Running a school is not that easy as it sounds. Admins have to go through a number of hectic and time consuming procedures in order to provide their pupils with a convenient schooling experience. Cloud-based technology can reduce some of the pressure by providing academic institutes with a stress-free school management system. Offline spreadsheets and registers may have helped many schools and colleges for the past years, but that is not the case anymore. Digitization is the new way of running schools and admins have finally understood that.


Following are a few ways that can help teachers, students and school admins:


Accounts Management

The new way does not allow schools and college to stick to various traditional methods of administration such as handling various employee and expense accounts via registers. Keeping in mind the increasing rate of cyber-crime, schools cannot rely on unstable information systems. An error and theft-proof accounts management system seems to be the only viable solution. It does not just organize all financial transactions, but also allows a user to have access to all sorts of past reports.

Examination Management  

Any school’s productivity depends on the yearly or monthly examinations. Parents spend a lot of money on their child’s education and students on the other hand, spend a lot of time by spending most of their days at school trying to achieve something. A substandard evaluation system is something that no one would prefer to have. This is where an online school management system comes into picture providing students with an unbiased evaluation system and parents with 100% satisfaction and an increase in student enrollment ratio.

Stronger Communication Network

As everybody is more inclined towards better methods and faster results, the communication network needs to be stronger, faster and more reliable. Besides from printing handouts and waiting for hundreds of students to read from the notice board, all an admin needs to do is send computer-generated SMS alerts to hundreds of students and parents in just a few minutes. This method does not just spread information fast, but also saves the cost of printing stacks of paper.


Digital Enrollment and Attendance Records Management

Besides from providing students with a healthy schooling experience, it is also important to keep track of all student based information whether it’s associated with finance or education. The digital enrollment and attendance management system allows a school admin or any computer operator to keep track of all attendance and enrollment based information by just a few clicks. Schools don’t have to go through piles of papers in order to locate all such information.


Smartphone Application for Admins  

School admins don’t always have the time to visit multiple school branches especially when the network is bigger. In situations like these, a smartphone app helps them stay informed at all times. Whether it’s a financial report or any academic record, school admins can have easy access to all important information even while traveling or sitting at a public place. All an admin needs is a smartphone and the school management application.


Cloud-based technology has entered the education industry making work much easier and convenient for schools and colleges of all kinds. School admins are finally free from hiring specialist staff members and rely on slow and time consuming methods of administration.

School Improvement Plans for Admins and Teachers

Whether it’s a school or a corporate business, there is always a margin of improvement in any form of business. According to many educationists and researchers, real improvement begins from administration and that area can easily be upgraded with the help of online school management system. Automation opens many doors of possibilities for any school admin and teachers. The digital way organizes the entire administration process resulting in faster and quicker methods of administration. Schools and colleges that want to avoid hiring extra staff members have cloud-based technology to rely on now.


In order to run a school effectively, an admin needs to go through a number of time consuming procedures that include a variety of finance and education related information. There is a lot of paper involved in all traditional methods of administration. Whenever an admin needs to have access to particular records and reports, he/she has to go through time consuming procedures such as manual archiving of records, report designing, calculation of exams and manual fee collection process. No matter how small or big the size, all schools and colleges need an improvement plan in order to get the best out of the available resources.

The first and the most important part is the student archiving process. Before focusing on other departments, an admin needs to create a student data management system so that it becomes easier to keep track of all sorts of educational and financial information starting from a student’s enrollment to his/her graduation.  Once all the data has been organized in a much systematic way, schools and colleges of all kinds can make sure the administration network is keeping tabs on every single department including, accounts, education and student affairs.

After the archiving system has been maintained, the admin can think about maintaining a digital fee collection system that requires lesser paper and manpower. Parents can have easy access to online fee vouchers and the administration does not have to bug students regarding the fee collection process. Parents can choose from different modes of payment such as via cash or cheque. Once the fee collection process has been automated, academic institutes do not have to rely on slow and hectic methods of fee collection.

Then comes the accounts department. Every single financial record is important to an academic institute. Ranging from employee accounts to monthly expenses; all expenditures are important to record in the best possible way. The education department of any academic institute can be at stake if appropriate measures are not taken. Last but not the least, it is also very important to maintain a fast and effective communication system and the SMS alert service is making that possible for schools and colleges of all kinds.

Online school management system works as a school improvement plan allowing admins to organize all core departments and improve the efficiency of every single procedure ranging from data management and administration to communication and file sharing. Not just admins and teachers, in fact parents and students are also benefiting from the new change.

5 Effective Ways to use Student Information Management System

Data tends to pile up if an admin does not maintain a proper record management system. Strength of 100 students mean 100 different files and each file contain loads of financial and academic information. Assigning a large team of workers to manage and control all such information is not just a risky process, but also makes work difficult for everyone. Whether it’s accounts, enrollment, examination, fee collection or attendance, academic institutes need to have instance access to all such information. Following are a few ways that may help run the student information management system appropriately.

information management system

Automation of Records

Before making any further chances, it is important to shift all paper based data to the computerized system. Whether it’s financial data or academic records, every single piece of information needs to be digitized in order to provide easy access to the admin in the future. Once all important records have been automated, the computer operator can start organizing information according to their respective departments.


Digital Attendance and Enrollment

Recording information is not the only important process. Schools and colleges are also responsible for keeping track of all such records throughout the academic years. The online school management system helps school admins to maintain the keeping track part until the student has finished his schooling years. Digital attendance and enrollment management has also reduced the need for extra staff members since all important information is just a few clicks away.


Error and Theft-Proof Accounts Department

The accounts department is among the most important areas in any academic institute because most of the profits and losses depend on it. The use of registers and offline spreadsheets is never a smart way to manage finance related information. Automatic balance sheet updates, profit and loss accounts and trial balance makes it easy for a user to keep track of all paid and payable financial records.

Exam Management with Lesser Paper and Stress

The future of many students depend on the examination department therefore, there is absolutely no margin of mistakes in this area. The process of manually calculating and assembling exams is gradually coming to an end because cloud-based technology has organized all exam related procedures in a more systematic way. Hundreds of appraisal reports, exam schedules and mark sheets can be prepared and printed in just a few minutes.


Better, Faster Communication

The traditional method of circulating information through handouts and notice boards is not referred to as the next-gen approach. Cloud-based system has eliminated all communication barriers by providing school admins with faster and easier methods of transmitting information. School admins can send behavior reports or various other types of messages through the SMS alert system or the internet portal.
Any information is important to a school therefore, it is essential to keep track of all such data right from the admission date till the passing day of every single student. In an online school management system, all core modules are interlinked with each other due to which nothing goes missing or unnoticed. Ranging from general student info to financial transactions and academic records, all important information is just a few clicks away from making the entire school management process quicker and easier

Top 8 Best Private Schools in Karachi Pakistan

schools in karachi

Bay View Academy

The Bay View Academy became a part of the education industry in the early 90s. Due to increasing demand, the school had to open multiple branches across Karachi and today, it has become one of the biggest educational hubs across Sindh. The school deals from primary to O and A levels classes and is among the most well-established educational chains of Karachi.


Karachi Grammar School

Ranked among the biggest private schools, Karachi Grammar School has managed to maintain a great name for itself in the past decades. KGS is one of the oldest academic institutes present in Karachi. Its establishment dates back to the 18th century. Today, the school is highly equipped with all the top notch amenities. KGS mainly specializes in secondary schools ranging from class 7 to O and A levels.


The C.A.S School (Centre for Advanced Studies)

The C.A.S School System has always been one step ahead due to its unique and distinctive mission statement. Besides from sticking to the academic curriculum, C.A.S believes in providing students with a variety of extra learning modules such as, music, photography, textile & design, horse riding, swimming, martial arts etc.


Beaconhouse School System

Running actively since 1975, Beaconhouse School System is currently entertaining over 247,000 fulltime students across Pakistan. BSS is among the few academic institutes to have its affiliated branches in many countries such as, UK, Malaysia, Thailand, U.A.E, Oman, Indonesia and Philippines. Karachites are proud to have such a well-established institute in their vicinity.


Convent of Jesus & Mary

Owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi, Convent of Jesus and Mary have been successfully running preschool to senior section schools since the 18th century. Known for being one of the oldest and the most prestigious schools in Karachi, CJM has been entertaining thousands of students to date.


British Overseas School

Educating children since 1958, the British Overseas Scool is one of Karachi’s most densely populated schools. BOS is the only school across Karachi to provide British education from preschool to secondary level. By looking at the increasing success of the Britsh Overseas School, there is no doubt in adding it to the list of top schools.


Froebel Education Centre

Running actively since 1990, Froebel Education Centre specializes in providing high quality education to toddlers and senior students. Due to its certified academic curriculum and top notch extra-curricular facilities, FEC earns a solid spot in the list of top schools of Karachi.

The International School

The international School is among the few schools in Karachi to provide pupils with the academic facilities of primary, middle and high school. The wide variety of academic choice and extra-curricular facilities make TIS one of the best institutes across Karachi. The International School has been providing children with quality education for over 10 years and still counting.

How Can a Teacher Produce A Grade Students

No teacher has a magic wand to make students produce good results. It’s all about human psychology. By just following a few simple steps, any teacher can be able to make his/her class productive. Students especially the younger ones require a lot of attention and once a teacher manages to equally distribute that attention, most of the work is already done. Having a master’s degree from Harvard does not make you a good teacher. An educated person with no teaching skills is of no use to the world of education. Students of today are well aware about all the happenings around them and even in outer space. The internet has already made most of the work easy for them therefore; teachers need to start thinking out of the box.

A grade teacher

In today’s world, most of the students may already know about the things that you are trying to telling them in class. Teachers need to provide students with the same information in a different way.  Once a student starts to get bored, his/her attention span will start to go down resulting in bad grades after monthly assessments.

Following are a few points that may help teachers increase student productivity:

Never Start a Lecture Right Away

Always remember that students are not only taking your class. They have to go through multiple lectures on a daily basis. You need to put some life in them before starting with your academic routine. A little socializing, asking a few personal questions and making students laugh for a while is always a good start. Once you’ve put a smile at everyone’s face, you might be able to give an enjoyable learning experience to them.

Avoid Too Many Restrictions

Pretending to be someone you are actually not, does not work anymore. As it is mentioned above, students are well-aware about themselves and everything else in this world. They know how to talk back and take revenge from you in the form of bad grades. Allowing students to go out for a walk or letting them share books or drink water every now and then is good for maintaining a healthy classroom environment.

Know the Strengths and Weaknesses of All Students  

Every student is different from the other one. All of them have different temperaments and weaknesses. Even if a student fails a test, it is important to find the reason. Sometimes a student may be afraid or lazy to ask for solutions. Helping students when they are not performing well and appreciating them when they do good, is very important.

Weekly or Monthly Assessments    

Once you’re sure that you have covered all the required topics in time, try assessing the class. You can make the testing part interesting by taking game-like quizzes or interacting with students via internet chat groups. This will help locate the weak and strong areas of every single student allowing you to focus on those areas before final examination.

Every single student has the capability to become an A grade student. Even the slow learners of yesterday are doctors and engineers of today. A teacher should never underestimate the capabilities of a student. Just be determined and never lose focus and you will be able to increase student productivity.