school administration network

4 Tips To Strengthen Your School’s Administration Network

Looking at the increasing competition makes it important for school admins to start upgrading their existing methods of administration. The only way to manage and control the system seems to be via the online school administration system. Some school owners still aren’t taking 100% advantage of the cloud-based system. Surprisingly, any kind of academic institute along with its staff members can have a well-organized administrative network. The digital system will and can keep track of various slow and time consuming methods of administration resulting in improved productivity and better aggregate results.

There are a number of ways to run an academic institute and following are a few popular ones.

Automate All Paperwork As Soon As Possible    

Whether the paperwork is related to student’s performance or financial status, it is extremely important to keep track of all such pieces for further usage. Whether the procedure is related to finance or education, all important records can be maintained in a more organized manner through cloud-based technology. Depending on registers and offline spreadsheets is never a reliable source of data management. Automating all paper-based records can help increase the pace of all administrative procedures resulting in improved productivity.

school administration network

Avoid Hiring Too Many Staff Members

Hiring too many staff members may increase the risk of fraudulence, theft and data loss. With the help of cloud-based technology, just one person with basic knowledge of computer can be able to keep track of multiple departments with ease. Whether it’s fee management, student attendance, enrollment, accounts or exam management process, anyone with no IT or accounts background can take care of all such procedures with ease.

Maintain a Balance between Cloud-Based Technology and Manual Work

Completely relying on cloud-based technology and completely relying on traditional methods of administration methods are both incorrect ways. Schools and colleges of today need to keep track of various smart and effective methods of administration if they want to generate positive results in lesser time and by assigning lesser staff members.

Allow Web-Based Access of Records to Parents and Students

Parents as well as students of today need to be well-informed at all times. In order to fulfill this wish of theirs, it is required for school admins to provide them with all the required information such as fee vouchers, exam schedules and mark sheets via internet portal or the SMS alert service. Once parents and students have access to all the desired records, they don’t have to be uninformed anymore.

The administration network of any school works as a foundation and it’s the school’s responsibility to make sure to make it stronger and better than before. Once the admin has managed to maintain a healthy administrative network, he/she doesn’t have to depend on other employees and departments. Online school management system is providing schools and colleges of all kinds with an easy way to manage an entire administrative structure.

Teachers and parents

How Can Parents Make Children Successful Human Beings?

Spoon feeding children even after they can pick up the spoon themselves is the biggest mistake any parent could make. The most important step is to teach children the importance of being independent and doing things on their own. Making children do things on their own does not mean that we start giving them freedom to do anything. We need to make sure children know their boundaries and limitations. We need to keep a strict check on their web-based activities as well as other extra-curricular activities. Some children may seem harmless, but there are always a million ideas revolving on the mind of a child. You as parents need to have complete knowledge of everything before they do anything stupid.

Teachers and parents

When a child knows that if he/she fails to do something, someone else will do it for him/her; he/she will never be able to learn. This is the point where parents need to be very careful. They need to provide their children with ample space to try again and again until they finally become able to complete a particular task. Besides from letting children learn a certain things on their own, parents can also put some amount of responsibilities on them such as bringing grocery items, cleaning the kitchen, making breakfast, mowing the lawn, moping floor and so on.

After teaching children how to be responsible, it’s now time to earn their trust. The more you open up with your children, the lesser will be the chances of them indulging into immoral activities. Once you develop the habit of sharing everything, children can communicate better with you during both good and bad phases of their life. Never pressurize your children regarding education or any other decision. This will not only affect their morals, but will also generate negative outcomes in the long run.

We need to teach our children the trait of appreciating others whenever they achieve something or do something good for themselves or the society. A person can never be successful until or unless he/she learns how to appreciate others. The reason why a child becomes a bully or a cheater is because he/she has a large amount of insecurity issues. We as parents need to make sure our children are not destroying their lives by making such mistakes.

After 10 years of experience in student counseling, I have learnt one thing, that even the slightest issue can destroy a person’s life if it is not addressed at the right time. Parents of today need to maintain a fair balance between putting restrictions and allowing permissions. Too much permissions or too many restrictions can both be very dangerous for a child or a teenager. Sometimes children are not as strong as they look. They tend to mess up at particular occasions which may affect their personality or character.

In order to make your children successful human beings, become friends with them. Having money does not mean your child has become successful; making them good human beings is a greater achievement for any parent. It is very important for parents of today to make their children learn the importance of becoming good human beings rather than learning how to make money and be rich. This will not just benefit their children, but will also benefit the society.

Are Students of Today Sensible Enough To Study on Their Own?

If students were sensible enough to study on their own, there would’ve been no need for schools or teachers. Being a school admin myself gives me the liberty to say that it is our duty to mold the minds of students if we want to achieve positive results. Academic institutes that have given immense free hand to the pupils will and are facing many long term inconveniences. The moment we start giving students freedom and leniency, is the time they start to take us for granted. If we go back like 10 to 15 years, we would witness that back then students didn’t have much exposure to the world via media or internet therefore, they weren’t all very confident or lets just say over confident.

Today, that is not the case. We cannot just leave students at their own and expect them to do everything according to our plan. The moment a teacher turns around, students tend to indulge in non-serious activities. I have been working actively in the education industry for the past 35 years and I have experienced students with laid back attitudes. Most of the children of today believe that they are doing their parents or us teachers a favor by coming to school but the truth is completely the opposite.


Even if a class of 27 students have 2 or 3 sensible students, the rest will spoil them the moment teacher leaves the classroom. In cases like these, the best way is to bribe students. We can always put conditions on them in order to make them complete particular tasks. If children are a bit too young, candies can always work with them but if they are older, things may start to become tricky. Teachers have to think of creative ways to keep them interested.

Whether it’s a classroom or home environment, students usually study better when they are under supervision or have been bribed by the elders. The bribe could be to take them to Disney land or buy them a new outfit. Studies have shown positive results regarding this matter. Students have got straight As after being bribed by their teachers or parents. Letting them work on their own does not seem to be a viable solution till a certain age.

Most of the students tend to become serious after they turn 16 and most of them may not require that much supervision or attention. But still, there is a large number of students that are still not serious about studies and require constant observation throughout their academic years. No matter how serious a student looks, there is always a child trapped inside him. In conclusion, I would like to say that students are not sensible enough to be left alone. Every single pupil requires a certain amount of guidance.

4 Smart Ways to Manage Student Paperwork

When it comes to handling student records and administrative paperwork, school admins need to start utilizing quicker and convenient methods of management or else it may become difficult to keep track of important data in the long run. After the register system went obsolete, many academic institutes were seen using computers equipped with offline spreadsheets. This process may have worked fine for a brief period of time, but as data started to increase, the entire system began showing its weaknesses. Schools and colleges of today need a reliable data management system that allows them to view past and present records with ease. Today, online school management system software seems to be doing that in the best way possible.

One little misplacement of records can result in schools having to accommodate angry parents and students. Following are a few methods to manage all sorts of student paperwork in the best way possible.


Get Rid Of Shelves and Piles of Registers

In spite of having a next-gen school management system, some schools and colleges are still keeping some of their records on registers. The pen and paper approach is not just slow, but also comes with an array of long term weaknesses. Anything written on a paper can be stolen or misplaced anytime and from anywhere. Whether it’s related to student bio data or account status, no type of information needs to go on paper.

Avoid Making Too Many Staff Members in Charge

The best thing about cloud-based technology is that it doesn’t require that many staff members. The more people you assign to do one task, the more confusing will it get for everyone. Every single piece of information related to students is very important to any school or college therefore; always try to limit the strength of employees. Lesser people means, lesser confusion resulting in better and faster methods of administration.   

Allow Data Access to Students, Parents and Teachers  

There are a certain types of files and records such as exam schedules, fee vouchers, result sheet, syllabus notes and many others that require immediate viewing. The best way to stay away from all sorts of administrative hassle, it is always good to provide access to all concerned authorities via the web portal. This way, parents, students and teachers can get all the information they need without having to ask anyone.

Keep All Exam Related Information under Tight Security

Any school’s image depends on its examination department therefore, it is very important to keep all exam related information and data under fool-proof security. Cases of paper leaking and cheating have become very common therefore; very few people should be given access to exam related data.

Managing student paperwork can be a very hectic job if the school doesn’t have the right amount and type of tools. In order to make the best use of the available information, schools and colleges of today need to have a well-organized administration network so that all sorts of data could be accessed anytime with ease. Having an online school management system has not just improved various methods and procedures, but has also improved the quality of education resulting in better student productivity.