Government Schools getting an edge over Private Schools

There was a time when only private schools used to be on top of the line but that pattern has started to change lately as government schools and colleges have also started to shift to the digital school management system.

The main reason for that is the cost-effectiveness and ease of using the software solution. Instead of wasting money and resources on manual labor, schools can now spend that on various other departments and in-school amenities. This has increased competition for many private schools across Pakistan.

In order to survive, many such schools have to waste their money and resources on expensive advertisement campaigns, extra-curricular activities, school’s infrastructure and so on. When expenses are higher and the turnover becomes slow, the overall profitability ratio is drastically affected and that is one of the reasons why private schools have to face problems regarding profits.

At first, privatization used to be a luxury but today, heavy income taxes and other administrative expenses have made that an austerity for most of the stake holders. Private schools have created an image of providing students with exceptional schooling environment and so on. and to keep up with that, private school owners have to make sure everything is up to the mark.


Most of the teachers working in a private institute expect for a substantial salary package but not every school has the resources to fulfill that demand due to which some private schools have started to hire less-experienced and under-qualified teachers. This is affecting the overall student productivity therefore resulting in students transferring to other schools.

Following Are A Few Points That May Help Schools And Colleges of All Kinds to Survive

  • Limit the use of manual labor and start using computers
  • Provide teachers with a substantial pay rate
  • Start using the SMS alert system instead of printing handouts
  • Come up with cost-effective ideas for extra-curricular activities
  • See what other competitors are doing and try to do the same thing but with a different approach
  • Hire a trustworthy person to handle school accounts
  • Make sure to make students feel valued and important at all times
  • Use the same approach with their parents
  • Try not to promise things that you can’t achieve in the future

In countries like Pakistan, it is hard to survive no matter what business you run but nothing seems impossible once you have the right amount of tools. Archivist Pakistan is providing small scale schools with a golden opportunity to get an edge over their competitors that is the well-established academic institutes.

How Important Is It for You to Stay Popular In the Education Industry

The topic demands a vast debate as to what are the norms and methods to stay stable in the highly competitive education industry. Countries across the world have introduced many technological facilities into their school systems. Some have provided students with tablets and some have started to depend on eBooks. The smart schools have done nothing but improve the administration processes of their academic institutes.

An admin’s credibility is at stake, when he/she is required to provide hundreds of students with top notch education. Young students have limited capacities and they are needed to be provided with the best schooling experience at all times. Everything in a school is interconnected. Admins, teachers, students and even parents are a part of the school network which means that all of them are required to stay updated and informed throughout the academic years.


If teachers are not satisfied with the working conditions, they won’t give their 100% and this will immediately affect the productivity of students. When students are not generating positive results, their parents will not be happy with their performance hence enrolling them to other academic institutes. Science has not complicated but simplified procedures for us but most of the admins have failed to choose what’s best for their institute.

Schools and colleges with extra-ordinary student productivity may have brought in multiple innovations but their schooling strategies are still based on the traditional methods. Why are schools still stuck with the older ways when they have the option to use technology in almost all their departments? Using technology has become so common these days that you can’t rely on it just to show-off in the education industry.

Students already have multiple gadgets and high-tech appliances at homes. They don’t need to see robots and complex machines at the school as well. From an admin’s perspective, the only area that needs to be fixed is school administration. Many teachers end their teaching careers just because they are paid less and over-burdened with extra work.

As mentioned above, everything in a school is interconnected which means that a slight improvement in administration procedures will lead to many positive results in the long run. The online school management software is undoubtedly the best solution to most of the intricate problems faced during school administration. Teachers don’t have to be asked for assembling and calculating lengthy papers anymore. Student attendance can easily be managed by just a few clicks. A strong parent-teacher relationship can be created via the web and SMS alert service.

No more distributing of leaflets or brochures is required as students and parents can automatically be informed from various means of communication that come with the cloud-based software solution. Students are no doubt always in focus of any admin, but teachers are also equally important to any academic institute.

The entire reputation of any school or college depends on its teaching staff. A good faculty means excellent student productivity and when students are performing well, parents are more than satisfied and when parents are happy, they will recommend other parents to enroll their children in your school therefore increasing the popularity of your institute and maintaining your goodwill in the education industry.