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Online VS Offline School Management Software

A school management software is a solution especially designed to simplify administration and supervisory procedures of any academic institute. Before going into detail, it is important to define both types of school management software solutions on an individual level. The offline version often referred to as ERP software consists of multiple modules based on what […]

Literacy Rate of Education in Pakistan 2016

Pakistan is among the most densely populated countries of the world. Currently, over 180 million people reside here making it the 6th most populous country of the world. People belonging to various casts, culture and color can be found. The overall literacy rate has always been a huge concern here. Pakistan has one of the […]

Top 5 Famous Private Schools in Lahore Pakistan

Top Schools in Lahore Education plays a vital role in the development of an individual because it shapes the little ones both physically and mentally. An educated person does not have to announce whether he/she went to school or not, it automatically reflects on each person when he/she grows up. Education works as a base […]

How Has Technology Improved the Education System

What is technology?  To be exact, it is a body of knowledge used to create tools, develop skills and extract or collect materials. It is also referred to as the combination of scientific methods and materials used to meet an objective or solve a problem. The definition of technology is science or knowledge put into […]

Fee Management Has Become Easier for Schools and Colleges

Misleading transactions and various accounting errors used to be a common issue in many academic institutes across the world. Schools and colleges may have shifted to the computer but they are still using the wrong platform. MS Word and Excel sheets are no more the answer to all sorts of school administrative records. The smart […]

Do You Know What’s Best for Your School?

Every school or college has to handle lengthy paperwork which obviously makes work very slow and hectic. To eliminate that issue, the web-based software solution has hit the market with a bang. Schools have immediately embraced the modern change and are enjoying the ultimate solution to all their administrative problems. If you own a school […]

Why Books Can Never Be Replaced With Computers?

In any school, books play a vital role as a guide and source material for millions of students across the world.  Not just school students, but many adults also enjoy reading books as a hobby. According to many studies, reading books opens your mind and gives you various new ideas. In a survey, many students […]