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How Important Is Digitization for Effective School Management?

A school may survive without a classroom projector, but it cannot survive without a proper administration network. Looking at the increasing competition in these modern times, digitization seems to be a must for schools and colleges of all kinds. Traditional methods may be suitable to some extent, but an entire school cannot function properly without […]

Why Time Management Is Important For Running a School Successfully

Time is money and every minute wasted means you’re reducing your aggregate profitability ratio. Academic institutes of today may not be able to function properly without a well-organized administration system. School and college owners need to buckle up if they want to get an edge over their competitors. No matter what the size of the […]

How Important Is Technology For Children?

Both knowingly and unknowingly, children have gotten complete access to various technological gadgets and advancements. From a very early age, parents tend to hand over tablets and mobile phones to their children which automatically make them accustomed to cloud-based technology. Children of today are fully familiarized with using social media websites and next-gen smartphones. There […]

The Importance of Bringing Technology in Schools and Colleges

Immense competition is what the education industry has been experiencing for the past many years making it difficult for small scale schools and colleges to cope up with the changing methods and technologies. This is the point where school admins specially running smaller schools need to come up with improved and enhanced methods of management. […]

Why Teachers Are Paid Less In Pakistan?

The education industry of Pakistan is facing a constant threat for the past many years. Still many well-educated people do not take teaching as a proper career and one of the main reasons are poor work conditions and low salary rates. Pakistan has undoubtedly experienced a rise in its overall student enrollment ratio, but teachers […]

Learning Software, Apps and Games for Kids of the 21st Century

Since the society has leaned a lot towards cloud-based technology and various technological gadgets, children also seem to learn better from interactive applications and games instead of lengthy books and notes. In order to help little learners enjoy the learning process to the fullest, a few smart minds have programmed a variety of exciting apps […]

Digital Accounts Management System Transforming the Accounts Department of Pakistani Schools

When it comes to accounts management, it is necessary for all concerned authorities to view multiple types of summaries and reports throughout the academic years. Keeping in mind the increasing competition, it has become necessary for schools and colleges to maintain a tech savvy look. The digital accounts management system provides an institute with all […]

Impact of Social Media in School Kids Education

Social media has been playing a major role in the lives of billions of human beings across the world. Conveniences such as cloud-based technology, web portals and social media have both its positive and negative effects. If we take a look at the schools and colleges of today, we could witness that students function better […]

Top 5 Learning Gadgets for Children of the 21st Century 2016

Parents of the 21st century have finally realized that we are not living in Stone Age anymore and our children deserve to have a few electronic gadgets of their own for better learning and understanding. Children of today have a lot of exposure to the media and internet therefore, they are more inclined towards technological […]