5 Things You Didn’t Know About Being a Good Teacher

It is plain and simple human psychology that most of us think we are the best and we don’t need anyone’s guidance. The truth is that all of us need something or someone to tell us about the right way at some point in our life or careers. Similar is the case with being a teacher. We may be mentors or idols of our students, but sometimes we are doing it the wrong way both knowingly or unknowingly. I used to think I know it all but even after 8 years of teaching experience, I still sometimes find it hard to understand my students. I still have to shake up my teaching routine from time to time. Students can be very unpredictable sometimes and we need to understand that before it’s too late.


Following are a few points that may not have crossed your mind during your teaching career. They sure have helped me and I hope will also help all my fellow readers as well.

Change Your Teaching Regime Every Now And Then  

Students are very moody and opinionated therefore, we need to come up to their expectations if we want to bring them to our expectations. Being a teacher doesn’t mean that a student will automatically learn everything by just reading a few books. Most of the things are new for the little ones and we are required to make them learn them. We need to carry interesting activities such as quizzes, group discussions and interactive assignments.

Educate Your Students, Don’t Make Them Robots

It is very important for you to make the learning process easier for students of all ages. Besides from sticking to the academic curriculum, you need to make them learn and understand certain things about the good and bad in life. Every new thing learned in a class is education. Don’t just keep making them read and remember lessons just to pass the exams. Help them learn and understand every single topic to the fullest. Giving them life lessons by sharing personal experiences is always a plus point.     

Maintain an Unbiased Marking Strategy   

Students will know eventually when you’ve been unfair with some of them. Students tend to talk and discuss such matters with each other. You don’t want to be a part of their bad books. The only way to make them be at your side is by maintaining a balanced marking strategy. Even if you don’t like a few students, you are required to mark them according to their performance, not their appearance or behavior.

Take Your Personal Hygiene and Appearance Seriously

I got to understand this point late, but once I finally understood its purpose, I was astounded by the extraordinary results. Your appearance and hygiene plays a major role in improving your student productivity. Students tend to be more inclined towards you when you look good, dress good and smell good. They will not just listen better, but will try everything they can to impress you resulting in improved results.

Reward Your Students

No one likes to work for free. Similar is the case with younger students. They feel incomplete when they get nothing after working so hard. You are required to make them feel complete by providing them with rewards in the form of noticeable appreciation or a small gift.

I have lived all these points throughout the 8 years of my teaching career and I have seen nothing but excellent results. No matter how old a student gets, a little child is always there inside him/her. We need to address that child and they will automatically start performing according to our expectations.

Cloud Based Technology Optimizing Administrative Procedures

School administration is among the major concerns of any stakeholder responsible for running an entire network with hundreds of students and a long list of staff members. Recently, cloud-based technology has been seen entering the world of education simplifying most of the procedures in the best way possible. According to many educationists, almost 90% of the procedures in any school or college are of the same nature and it’s upon us how we manage to handle them. Automation has optimized most of the administrative procedures resulting in more efficiency and better productivity. It’s time to say goodbye to registers and offline spreadsheets. It’s the 21st century and only the fittest will be able to survive.

cloud base technology

It used to be a huge problem for school and college owners to keep track of various financial transactions at the required amount of time. Many cases of fraud and accounting errors have been witnessed resulting in heavy financial losses and student rustication cases. Parents of today are also more inclined towards schools with a tech savvy look. They prefer online transactions as they are quicker and safer means of dealing any financial accounts. Similar is the case with the teaching staff and school admins. Instead of handling employee salaries via cheque system, the digital accounting system helps transfer salaries automatically with ease.

Student data archiving is another matter of concern for any school or college no matter what size. A lot of departments are interlinked with the progression years of any student therefore, it is very important to maintain fast and systematic methods of data management. No school likes to witness cases such as data misplacement and file loss. The future of every single student depends on the academic records that are being kept throughout the academic years therefore, it is very important for admins to keep updating all important records such as enrollment status, attendance, examination results, appraisal reports and so on.

Online school management system has provided schools and colleges of all kinds with a well-organized system that allows anyone with basic knowledge of computer to keep track of all financial and academic records whenever needed. School admins are no more required to hire extra staff members or rely on slow and time consuming methods of administration such as manual cashbook keeping, exam calculation, attendance marking and student report preparing. All such procedures can be done via the digital management system instead.

All traditional methods of administration have been replaced by cloud-based technology because the society has stopped believing in slow and unreliable methods of administration. There was a time when school admins had to make multiple phone calls and depend on various staff members. Amazingly, that is not the case anymore because all important information is now at the palm of the hands of any school admin whether traveling or at home.

Schools are also free from the stress of printing and circulating stacks of handouts whenever a certain amount of information needs to be circulated. The computer-generated SMS alert service has been replaced with traditional methods making the entire communication network much stronger and effective for any school or college. Automation has revolutionized the way schools run and the number of tech savvy academic institutes are expected to be increasing in the coming years. The increasing use of cloud-based technology is expected to be making a big change in the future.

4 Solid Tips to Strengthen Your School’s Information System

Many schools and colleges are gradually leaning towards online School ERP system A.K.A (also known as) school management system because of the long term benefits and conveniences that come with them. School admins have finally understood the importance of cloud-based technology. There are a certain procedures that are out of the reach of manual labor. Schools and colleges of today have to face immense competition on a daily basis therefore; they cannot rely on traditional methods of administration anymore. Extra manual labor and piles of paper is not the solution to various administrative problems.


Any school’s information system works as a backbone therefore, it cannot afford to witness any kind of errors or fraudulent acts. Academic institutes on a smaller scale are in greater need for automation therefore, up gradation seems to be the only viable solution. Everybody likes to get an edge over its competitors when it comes to doing business and running an academic institute is exactly like that. Following are a few tips that may help strengthen your school’s information system:

Error-proof Accounts Management

Before going into further details, all you need to do is automate your accounts department. Manual book keeping and cash books are not the best solution to handling all sorts of accounting transactions such as employee accounts, fee collections, expense accounts, incomes etc. Once all such information is being recorded via the digital system, there are lesser chances for school and college owners to face any accounts related inconveniences.

Fast and Strong Communication Network

Any piece of information circulated or transmitted wrongly may lead towards a great deal of inconveniences. Those days are long gone when the administration department had to provide students and teachers with handwritten information. Today, the digital system has made communication much easier and convenient for everyone. The SMS alert service allows school admins to send bulk messages to thousands of recipients in just a few minutes. Internet portal has also limited the need for handout printing and manual distribution of fee vouchers.

Student Data Archiving Without Mistakes  

Student data archiving is among the most important procedures being performed in many schools and colleges across the education industry. Whether it’s a financial data or an academic record, the administration needs to keep track of all important information throughout the academic years. The digital data archiving system makes information such as enrollment, attendance, fee status, student behavior, appraisal and academic status easy to record and monitor.

Admins Controlling School via Smartphone

Coordinating with staff members has always been a problem for many school and college owners. There was a time when stakeholders with busy schedules had to make multiple phone calls and depend on various staff members regarding every little financial and academic record. Today, school admins have complete access to all sorts of information from the palm of their hands.

Any school’s success depends on its methods of administration. Academic institutes need to understand that if they want to get an edge over their competitors and prosper in the education industry.

School Automation Software for Quicker Results and Better Decision Making

Cloud-based technology has become an important part of the education industry assisting thousands of schools and colleges across the world. Anyone that’s looking for quicker results and better productivity has to have a school automation software to reap the fruit in the long run. Traditional methods of administration such as filling shelves with registers or using the pen and paper approach for preparing various student reports or calculating exams is gradually being replaced with the online school management system.


Many schools and colleges have been seen experiencing a scarcity of resources due to which most of them have started leaning towards more convenient methods of administration that are mainly powered by cloud-based technology. Academic institutes with limited resources cannot bear the daily costs of registers and unnecessary staff members. In order to stay away from all slow and time consuming methods of administration, school admins need something faster and cost-effective so that they could not just be able to stabilize in the industry, but also expand.

The reason why automation has become so popular in the education industry is because schools and college have finally understood the importance of time. Admins do not find it feasible to hire specialist staff members to keep track of multiple departments when just one person with basic knowledge of computer can monitor and control an entire academic institute with ease. No IT specialists or certified accountants are required to keep track of procedures such as accounts, attendance, exam management and fee collection.

School automation software has provided schools and colleges with an easy way of data management resulting in faster and effective methods of administration. Academic institutes that used to wait days or sometimes hours for the completion of a particular process, now just have to press a few clicks. If we take the example of student data archiving system, we would find out that many academic institutes had to fill up shelves with piles of registers full of student’s academic and financial records. Today, all an operator needs to do is enter a particular student ID, and all the academic and financial information will appear right on the computer screen.

Even using offline spreadsheets can sometime be a hectic job for a computer operator because most of the times it becomes hard to locate important information. Without cloud-based technology, there is no backup and security therefore, the online school automation software has been specifically designed to manage and control all such procedures with ease. Digitization has also provided the teaching staff with a greater margin to focus on students and various teaching methods. Lesser administrative pressure on teachers means greater productivity.

Schools and colleges of today do not have to worry about fee collection, exam calculation or student attendance management techniques because the web-based system has taken care of all important procedures with ease. Teachers, students, parents and school admins can all stay on the same page via the online system. With lesser chances of errors, fraud and mistakes, any school can be able to flourish in the education industry.

4 Interesting Tips to Make You a Likable Teacher

When it comes to teaching students, it is very important to maintain a healthy relationship with every single one of them. Students have been seen working better with friendly and helpful teachers. So before changing the behavior of children, we need to change ourselves. Once we have managed to maintain a healthy student/teacher relationship, we can easily work on various methods of class management on a daily basis. I was very confused when I started my teaching career, but as years passed by, I finally began to see positive results.

likeable teacher

The following easy steps have been working for me for the past 10 years and will definitely help all my friends and fellow colleagues.

Stop Being Biased  

There are certain students that a teacher may tend to develop a liking for resulting in having a biased opinion for him/her. Teachers will be seen working harder for them which is unfair to the rest. The biased opinion of a teacher can also be seen in the student’s annual appraisal reports and exam day. If you give a few students more importance and take some for granted, the ones you have been ignoring will immediately notice your changed behavior towards them resulting in non-serious behavior and bad grades.

Make Every Second Count

Your 30 to 40 minute lecture can make a difference in every single student’s life so all you need to do is make every second of your class count. You may not realize that, but most of the students are idealizing you. This means that all your actions may have a number of reactions if you don’t act appropriately. Your gestures, way of sitting, style of teaching and everything else is being noticed on a daily basis which means that you need to provide your pupils with an impact full class every time to stand before them.

Reward and Punish Your Students   

Punishing students may not be thought of as a good thing to do to any school or college pupil but there are a million civilized ways to punish a student. Hitting or using abusive language is not the solution to keep students on track. The most effective method is to reward progressing students every time they perform well and others will automatically start to feel embarrassed. It works 90% of the times.

Allow Students with Freedom of Speech      

I have witnessed a few cases in which teachers have maintained such a bad reputation in front of the class that students are too afraid to ask questions or communicate freely. Always remember that a scared student is just “listening” to you, not “understanding” you. Students of today will find it hard to learn when a teacher stops them from sharing their point of views in class.

Even though you are a teacher right now, always remember that you once used to be a student as well. Once you start putting yourself in the shoes of your students, you will automatically start to transform your methods of teaching resulting in better classroom atmosphere and student productivity.

Why Use Excel Sheet for School Management?

Excel sheets are being used in many schools and colleges across the world. Many software developers have stressed on the question that why use excel sheet for school management when you have the option to use a powerful information system with interlinked modules? Before going into further details, it is important to know the reason why some academic institutes are still using offline spreadsheet system for managing and controlling their school network.


The reason that most of the schools and colleges prefer sticking to excel sheets is because they are highly accustomed with MS Excel and find the software very user-friendly. Anyone can easily record data eliminating the need for paper and extra workers. In cases like these, the real problem begins when data starts to pile up. Most of the times, the administration is also restricted from accessing past data because either the data has been deleted or misplaced. Keeping that issue in mind, school and college owners have started to lean towards online school management system which eliminates the chances of data loss and provides school admins with quicker and convenient methods of administration.

Using excel sheets for school management is good for a brief period of time but as data starts to pile up, many problems tend to initiate. A number of departments such as education, finance and student affairs are associated with any school or college. Every day new data is flushed into the system. Only a reliable management system will be able to keep track of all such data. If the system is weak, there are greater chances of file loss and fraudulent acts. Most of the times school admins cannot have access to past records which may upset a few students and their parents. This may cause distress resulting in students shifting to other schools and colleges.

The society is progressing fast and no one prefers opting for slow and time consuming methods of administration. In order to boost the administration process, academic institutes need something fast and interactive and cloud-based technology is the best solution for that. The online school administration software is making work much faster and effective by automating all paper-based procedures such as attendance marking, fee collection, student data entering and enrollment management resulting in quicker solutions and happy parents, students and teachers.

Excel sheets can still be used but all those need to be backed up by an online school management system if a school admin wants to make things work in a more systematic manner. The best thing about digitization is that it limits the need for extra workers due to which all extra income can be spent on improving the education standards of students. Once a school has been able to maintain a well-organized administration network, procedures such as fee collection, student attendance, data archiving and exam management can be performed in the best way possible.

Things to Do For a Productive Student Life in School

Primary level schooling plays a major role in the life of any young learner. It does not just educate a person, but also makes them learn humanity, importance of group study, sharing, discipline and patience. Whatever a student learns and studies at his primary level, always sticks in his/her mind. Media and films may have ruined the concept of schooling to some extent and the younger generation of today needs to understand that. The mind of a young child is just like melted iron which can be molded any way possible. University is the place where that iron has almost become rock solid and then there is absolutely no margin to discipline a student.

Following are a few points that a student needs to follow in order to have a productive student life:



Before going through the educational curriculum, it is extremely important for students to respect their teachers. There’s a widely known phrase that “to earn respect, you need to give respect.” Similar is the case when it comes to maintaining a healthy student-teacher relationship. When you give your mentors a certain level of respect, they will automatically be more inclined towards you and will even try to give extra time to you whenever you are stuck and need help. So, we should always learn to respect our teachers and even other students and things will automatically be in our favor.


Discipline / Time Management

No teacher likes a lazy student so always try to submit your assignments on time. The more you do so; the better will be your impression. This will help you at the time of your final exams because 90% of the teachers maintain a biased opinion for a particular number of students that they like. Your good deeds will definitely earn you some extra marks. Teachers are more inclined towards well-disciplined students resulting in a more productive student life. Therefore, it is very important for school owners to keep track of extra staff members resulting in school owners working for extra hours.


Behavior is also among the most important points that a student needs to understand. Teachers will never be lenient towards bad mannered students. It may be difficult for a young learner to do that at an early age, but he/she needs to understand that in order to reap the fruit in the future.  A well-behaved person is not just respected in school or college but will also be seen highly at the corporate world. Behavior of any student helps give a good impression in front of any mentor or teacher. Once you manage to maintain a habit of good behavior, you will definitely get a positive response from everyone.


Group Study  

Sometimes you cannot always do things at your own. In situations like these, you need to bond with your class fellows. Staying away from everyone and living in your own world is never a good idea. Group study help students share ideas and learn new things. Frequent practices like these will always help students in the future. The corporate world loves a person who adjusts easily in group. Team work is the key to success and students need to learn that from a very early stage.

These are some of the points that may help a student have a productive life both at school and in life. These will help them face all kinds of challenges and make them strong and ambitious human beings.

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Whether you’re interested in appearing for IELTS examination or SAT, this particular website got all the information you need. Besides from having online test guides, Studysols.com is also popular for being a good study and career guide.


Live streaming of various news channels and sports events has always been the USP of this amazing Pakistani website. Hamariweb.com is a huge portal of information where any reader can get inciting information about food, sports, religion, education, news and entertainment.


Ilm.com is a platform for students who are looking for proper guidelines regarding their studies and career. The website provides complete career opportunities and learning skills to thousands of potential students of Pakistan.


Population is increasing and students are still confused about what to study and where to study. Websites such as eduvision.com provides such students with a complete platform from where they cannot just gather potential information, but can also learn about educational scope and job opportunities in Pakistan and abroad.


Ranging from technology and education to job openings and marketing opportunities, kitaab.com.pk has got something for everyone. The main focus of this website has always been to help its visitors and provide them with the best solutions.


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This one may have been a new competitor in the market but it’s getting there fast. Providing its visitors with all the required information ranging from educational blogs to online video lectures, sabaq.pk is also a potential website to go through.

School Decoration Ideas for Teachers and Students

It is always nice to keep that place clean and presentable where you spend 7 to 8 hours of your day. We are talking about school and classrooms here. Whether it’s a 10 year old student or a 30 year old teacher, everybody likes to see beautiful decorations. Before moving on with the education part, together, students and teachers should and can beautify every single classroom. The best way to do that is to come up with a weekly or monthly theme. For example, for one month, the classroom could be turned into a jungle-like atmosphere and the next month; it could be turned into a galaxy or a planet with lots of stars and attractive creatures.


The key behind all these extra-curricular activities is to maintain a healthy student-teacher relationship. The second idea of decorating schools can be linked with various celebrated days and occasions such as Defense Day, Labor Day, Eid, Christmas, Halloween etc. Whenever any such event is about to happen, teachers and students can decorate the entire school. This will not just beautify the school, but will also provide pupils with something new to work on.

If the school administration cannot afford to buy so many decorative items, they can always ask students to bring different items such as colorful chart papers, glitter glue, glace papers, plaster of Paris, paint, markers, crayons etc. There will come a few months when there will be no gazetted holidays or religious festivals. In situations like these, teachers can ask various students to come up with different ideas and together, they can work on the best idea.

Decorating class whenever a particular student’s birthday is close is also a great idea. This will allow students to feel like home. The place where you spend almost your entire day should always be clean. When teachers and students start to work on various ideas, they can maintain a healthy bond resulting in better productivity.

Besides from decorating the classroom, school’s courtyard, playground, corridors, canteen and computer lab can also be decorated. This will not just beautify the school, but will also motivate students. Activities like these are a great way to make students learn the benefits of team work. In order to speed up the decoration process, students can be provided with different areas to decorate.

Another good idea for decoration is to pic movie or cartoon themes such as Jurassic Park, Cinderella, Jungle Book, Lion King, Harry Potter and so on. These school decoration ideas for teachers and students are a good way to do something different and out of the ordinary.

Make Technology an Asset for Your School, Not a Problem

If we look around, we would find out that we cannot function these days without technology.  When it comes to running a school or a college, we would witness that some admins are still reluctant towards technology without knowing the fact that it is an asset, not a liability. Keeping in mind the increasing cases of fraud, theft and cyber-crime, why would anyone still prefer sticking to the traditional methods of administration? Online school management system is a cost-effective solution to all hectic and time consuming procedures allowing school admins to keep track of financial and academic data throughout the academic years.

If we start taking technology as an asset, we would automatically come across an array of conveniences such as easy data management and financial control. Before going into further details, it is important to know why some schools and colleges still prefer to go with various traditional methods of administration. Following are a few methods that are being used widely in many small scale academic institutes.

  • Teachers and school admins going through piles of registers for student data archiving
  • School admins printing stacks of handouts that are either pasted on notice boards or circulated via manual distribution
  • Teachers handing over fee vouchers to students so they could give them to their parents
  • Admins making multiple phone calls whenever they need access to certain types of financial or academic records
  • Offline spreadsheets being used for recording all sorts of student data such as attendance records, enrollment, examination and fee status
  • Maintaining employee accounts and other income and expense related accounts via registers or offline spreadsheets
  • Using the pen and paper approach for marking student attendance
  • Manual calculation of exams and preparation of student reports

Technology is an asset to any academic institute and school admins need to realize that in order to apply faster and more reliable methods of administration. Whether the school has to accommodate 100 students or 500 students, it is always good to use a systematic method of administration. Anyone responsible for managing a school will always love to reduce the aggregate costs and increase or stabilize the overall revenue. Cloud-based technology has improved the methods of administration by providing school admins with an easy way to manage and control the system. Today, anyone with basic knowledge of computer can keep track of all important information such as accounts, enrollment, fee collection, attendance and examination via the online school management system.

Admins do not have to make multiple phone calls in order to have access to a few files and teachers don’t have to report every single thing to the admin. All on-going activities can be monitored and controlled via the centrally controlled cloud-based system. Advancements such as automation has opened the doors to endless possibilities and all school and college owners need to start taking technology as an asset, not a problem.